Spa Covers That Don't Break

Hot Tub Covers That Don't Get Heavy

Spa owners that have had their spa for a few years know that those traditional hot tub covers will either get heavy or break. SpaCap Spa Covers are different. That "difference" is what has help thousands of hot tub owners get rid of heavy foam spa cover once and for all. Often people are surprised to find out that the SpaCap has actually been around for so long. This different kind of spa cover has in fact been around since the 1970's. Quietly going about making the hot tub experience better for thousands of spa owners. Occasionally they hear from one of their customers like this; "Well I have to admit my SpaCap is about 18 years old, so it's showing it's age... I'm amazed how little I have heard about your product since it's inception because it really is the best invention I've seen for a hot tub cover. I am hoping to squeeze a couple more years out of it and replace it when it turns an even 20 years old."

Granted, not every SpaCap will last twenty years unless it is cared for like this customer obviously did. But no foam filled hot tub cover has ever or will ever come close.

The SpaCap will not break under any snow load or saturate, or blow away in the wind. Spa water stays warm and clean while using less energy. Because the SpaCap Hot Tub Cover doesn't saturate with water, it will weigh the same even years after the day it was installed. Since the SpaCap does not use rigid foam it also won't break or warp like typical hot tub covers. Imagine no more heavy or broken Foam Spa Covers. The SpaCap will weigh the same and insulate just as effectively in five years (and in some cases 18 years) as it did the first day it was installed.

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Different is Better in Hot Tub Covers...

The SpaCap makes a natural dome shape so rain just runs off. This Spa Cover is Two Tone Blue

The SpaCap has a dramatically different look than any traditional hot tub cover because it is. Instead of using rigid foam inserts that will always get saturated, heavy or break, the SpaCap uses air to insulate. The natural dome shape keeps the rain and debris running off and away from the spa. Without any flat rigid surface for high wind to create lift the SpaCap will stay put on your Hot Tub even in the most severe wind storms.

In thirty plus years of building the SpaCap and selling them all over the country, they have seen the worst of "Tornado Alley" and there has yet to be even one blow off a single spa. Since it uses air as opposed to anything rigid, the SpaCap can also take whatever hail storms may come and keep right on looking brand new. (Check out the video of golf balls being smacked into a SpaCap) No typical rigid foam Hot Tub Cover could ever stand up to the kind of snow load, hail assualt or wicked wind storm that a SpaCap will just shrug off.

Why a Custom SpaCap?

Light Weight SpaCap Hot Tub Covers

Every rigid foam filled Hot Tub Cover will eventually become saturated or break. The only way to avoid it is to never put it on a spa. Every year many people are injured trying to use their hot tub because of heavy, saturated foam Spa Covers. Considering rigid foam hot tub covers are never actually in contact with the water they are intended to keep warm it's a wonder they ever seemed like a good idea. Any hot tub that is covered using a rigid foam filled spa cover, is constantly losing heat between the bottom of that cover and the surface of the warm water.

As the heated spa water produces steam, that steam rises and hits the bottom of the cooler rigid foam hot tub cover. The steam then condenses and falls back into the spa actually cooling the water. Some of the steam finds its way into the spaces in the rigid foam before condensing which is what eventually makes the cover too heavy to lift. Which is why every rigid foam filled cover eventually gets heavy. It has nothing to do with rain running off, so no taper will ever be enough. The weight comes from the fact that a foam insert was never a good idea for use over a source of steam.