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World's Best Hot Tub Covers

Why is the SpaCap Hot Tub Cover the best hot tub cover on the planet? The only hot tub cover of its kind, SpaCap's patented design makes getting in and out of your hot tub easy enough to do by yourself. This hot tub cover was designed by a single woman with back problems, so she could get into her hot tub by herself! Can you imagine getting into your hot tub without the dread wrestling a heavy cover or hurting your back?

  • As easy to remove and replace as using a comforter on a bed.
  • Will never fly away no matter how strong the wind.
  • Will never crush under a snow load.
  • Will never be damaged by hail.
  • Air Chamber design insulates using layers of air, stacked on top of each other.
  • The natural dome shape repels rain snow and debris like no other cover ever could.
  • Sunbrella fabric is the only outdoor fabric that is rated by YEARS where all vinyl covers are rated by HOURS
  • No rigid foam panels means the cover resists saturation and breakage that plague every foam cover ever made.
  • The lack of foam also prohibits places for mold and mildew growth so no more musty smell when you open your spa.
  • Less chemicals needed and better insulation means it will cost you less to enjoy your spa for years to come.
  • Easy to clean and no fading means your SpaCap will continue to look and perform brand new.
  • Easy to remove
  • Won't Break
  • Won't Saturate
  • Won't fly away
  • Won't crush under snow

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