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Looking For a Replacement Cover for an HotSpring Spa?

HotSpring Replacement Hot Tub Covers

HotSpring Spas have have been really great hot tubs for years. If you are fortunate enough to own one, you can rest assured that the HotSpring brand will be around for the life of your spa. That might sound like something that goes without saying, but when you have been in the spa cover business as long as we have, you know it can only be said about a handfull of hot tub manufacturers.

HotSpring brand spas and hot tubs have gone through changes over the years, however their commitment to build quality and innovation into their products has never waned. So the only thing that an owner of one of these great spas needs is an equally great hot tub cover to go with it.

That's where the SpaCap comes in. The SpaCap is cutom made to fit your HotSpring spa no matter if it is a twenty year old model or one of the brand new styles. You might have thought that your only choice was to go back to the dealer and get another one like the one that came with your spa. Not very exciting since you know it will just end up like the one you need to replace now. However fortunately for you, your living in the age of the world wide web, and you know how to use it.

Good news, the SpaCap hot tub covers are all custom made and even weird shaped spas like the Highlife models that have been out of production for a while are no problem. The advantage for the SpaCap, aside from being a custom made product is that it is soft and seals over the shapes and contours of whatever the hot tub has to offer.

HotSpring Vista can be covered by a custom SpaCapHottub
HotSpring Vista Hot Tub

Like most spa owners, the last thing people think of when they decide to purchase a new hot tub is, "How tough is this thing going to be to cover?" It's totally understandable, the excitement of how great this will be to jump into after a hard day at work is overwhelming.

A spa like the Jet Setter (below) may seem like perfection until the hot tub cover that came with the spa gets too heavy to lift. It is then that it first dawns on most spa owners that nothing less than a custom spa cover is going to work.

Jet Setter hot tub from HotSpring Saps
Jet Setter Hot Tub by HotSpring Spas

For a lot of home owners a hot tub as small as the Jet Setter, would be too restrictive. However for those who prefer to keep their spa therapy a private sanctuary of stress free bliss, this can be the perfect answer. Where some spa owners want to make their spa a social event, these hot tubs where built for the exclusive pleasure of two at a time.

Owners of any model of Hot Tub from HotSpring Spas, will be happy to know that a SpaCap can be custom made to fit.

If you own one of these great spas from HotSpring Spas, we can build you a SpaCap that will be perfect for you.