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Tired of Replacing Hot Tub Cover

Don't just buy another one of the same old rigid foam filled covers that is just going to end up heavy or broken like the one you're replacing now. Before you waste your money take a look at something different. The SpaCap Hot Tub Covers use air to insulate instead of foam. The SpaCap was designed by a woman so she could get into her hot tub by herself. Remember the reason you got your hot tub in the first place was to USE it not just so it could take up space in your yard.

Linen & Cocoa Spa Cover

If you're wondering how your old hot tub cover got so heavy, even though you bought the upgraded deluxe slanted foam it's because the moisture that got soaked up by the foam didn't come from rain. It started the day you put it on your hot tub full of warm water.

It's the steam from the water in your hot tub that does it.

Why? Because the hot spa water is way below the bottom of the rigid foam hot tub cover. Some of that warm spa water turns to steam and rises up. Steam molecules are smaller than water. The steam works its way into the little crevices and spaces in the foam where it condenses back into liquid. Slowly but surely your foam filled hot tub cover is getting heavy.

Deck Mounted Spa Cover

If you have owned your hot tub for a few years, you probably have replaced the cover a few times already. Remember the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.

Don't let a heavy spa cover stop you from enjoying your spa. Get the Next Generation in Hot Tub Covers, the SpaCap.

SpaCap Hot Tub Cover cutaway Diagram

Because a SpaCap does not have from to break or get heavy it tends to last longer, and stay light weight. The air chambers in it actually start insulating right at the surface of your spa water, so it insulates better, using less energy.

Thanks to the internet you now have the world at your finger tips. You can buy the SpaCap factory direct and Custom made for your spa in your choice of colors. If you plan on using your spa for the rest of your life, you owe it to yourself to get the best Replacement Spa Cover on the planet.

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