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Yoga sessions and using the hot tub are both thought of as relaxing pursuits. Did you know you can do them together? Several yoga poses are conducive to the hot tub, making it easier to stretch your body and relax your mind. Below, we’ve listed some benefits, plus a few of the best yoga poses for optimum physical and mental health.


Who Benefits from Hot Tub Yoga?


Almost anyone can benefit from hot tub yoga, because the goal is to be healthy while remaining relaxed. Athletes, for example, are used to rigorous workouts and stretching routines. This can cause psychological stress and increase the amount of lactic acid in their bodies. Hot tub yoga can reduce both of these. Non-athletes can benefit from hot tub yoga too, because it’s not a formalized workout. There’s no need to worry about messing up or not burning enough calories. In fact, the goal is to clear the mind, which can help with more rigorous tasks later.


People who find any level of exercise difficult will find reprieve in hot tub yoga. Senior citizens with sore or arthritic muscles will gain relief through the hot water, and muscle tone will improve with gentle stretching. The same goes for people with physical disabilities who may have hypertonia or hypotonia. Traditional exercise might be hard on them, but the simple poses of yoga will offer health benefits without pain or stress.


What Poses Should I Use?


There are plenty of poses appropriate for hot tub yoga. Here are a few:


  • Half-Boat. Sit on the edge of a seat in the hot tub, back straight, hands on the seat, with knees bent. Lift half-bent legs with shins parallel to the water’s surface, and then straighten your arms out toward your shins.
  • Breakwater. Stand up straight in the middle of the hot tub, feet at hip width. Place your arms out in front of you and turn right using only your torso. Repeat on other side.
  • Crab. Stretch your legs across the tub using the seats. Place your hands in the Namaste pose and squat down, keeping your backbone axis from tailbone to head.

Always be sure to use a spotter for safety when participating in activities like hot tub yoga.

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Tips for Avoiding Hot Tub Rashes – SpaCap

Everyone loves spending time in the hot tub, but, as with most things in life, too much of a good thing can have unpleasant consequences. For those who use hot tubs frequently, one such consequence is a rash. Most rashes are minor and will clear up in a few days, but in the meantime they are annoying, itchy, and sometimes painful. Furthermore, minor rashes will become major irritants and can lead to dangerous consequences if not treated properly. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few tips to help you and visitors to your hot tub avoid rashes.

Check Disinfectant and pH Levels Daily

It’s important to check these levels twice daily to ensure your hot tub is as clean as possible. For example, check them in the morning at least an hour before you allow anyone into the hot tub. You can check them in the evening after you have closed off access so the levels can be adjusted for the next day, as well.

Also, ask your hot tub salesperson or a hot tub and pool expert about the best disinfectants for hot tubs. Since hot tub water is warmer than pool water, it breaks down chlorine and other common disinfectants more quickly, making the hot tub more vulnerable to bacteria and germs. If you want to use free chlorine keep the level at 2-4 ppm, or for bromine 4-6 ppm in your hot tub. But there are many better alternatives to these harsh chemicals. Here at we use and recommend PristineBlue which is a copper based disinfectant.

All hot tub pH levels should be between 7.2 and 7.8. Anything different should be fixed immediately.

Keep Yourself Clean

Always shower or bathe before entering the hot tub. Avoid scented soaps or those made with harsh chemicals, as these irritate the skin and provide breeding grounds for more rashes. Use a gentle, unscented, and all-natural soap, such as one made with goat’s milk. Also, make sure your swimsuits are always cleaned with non-irritating soaps and detergents.

Limit Your Tub Time

Swimsuits hold water directly against the body, which makes it easy for microorganisms to grow and cause irritation. Constant exposure to hot water may also dry your skin and cause irritation. Limit your time to thirty minutes or less per day.

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Use Your Spa to Get a Better Night’s Sleep – SpaCap

You know your spa will help you relax, but it can also help you get a better night’s sleep. Soaking in warm water relaxes muscles, and combined with aromatherapy with scents like chamomile or lavender, it can relax the mind, relieve stress, and improve your circulation – all of which have been shown to help people fall asleep.

How Spas Encourage Rest

Spa use can improve circulation in the body, which is a fantastic benefit for those who are stuck in an office environment all day. Your heart and lungs will thank you for the boost, and people who suffer from arthritis can find relief from the stiffness and pain in their joints. For sports injuries, the heat of the tub and the massage of the jets can facilitate recovery time and calm muscle spasms.

Soaking should occur an hour or two before bedtime for optimal benefit. Remain hydrated and soak for 15 to 20 minutes to allow your body to experience the full relaxation effect. It is best to avoid technology and focus on mindfulness of the surrounding sensations and experiences. Meditation and stretching while in the spa can create even more of a relaxing experience before bed.

After soaking in the spa, cool down before getting in bed. Being hot and sweaty disrupts restful sleep and makes it harder to bring down your temperature before and during sleep. To receive the maximum benefit of spa use before bed, avoid using technology in between the time you get out of the hot tub and get into bed. Watching TV or checking your email can bring your mind out of its restive state and decrease the benefit gained from soaking.

Letting the relaxation benefits of the spa help you have a better night’s sleep will make you refreshed and your mind sharper throughout the day.

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Make Your Outdoor Space A Spa Retreat – SpaCap

Having a porch, patio or deck with a spa to relax and unwind on after a long day’s work is important. A few of the features your outdoor space can have to make it more peaceful are included here. These items include your spa, comfortable lawn chairs, a privacy screen or fence, a fan, and calming decorations, like plants, candles, or small water fountains, to make the most of your property.

SpaCap in Burgundy and Cadet Grey
A peaceful spa surrounded by plantings

The Spa

A spa is a great feature to include in a relaxing outdoor design for its therapeutic qualities and social benefits. As the focal point of a party, a hot tub can promote connectivity and togetherness. Spas come in many different sizes and designs and can be modified to complement any outdoor or indoor space according to owner preference.

Your Outdoor Space

Comfortable lawn chairs add a place to lounge outside of a water recreation area, and the right chairs can be great for reading, eating, or chatting with friends late into the night. Choosing the plants that go into your outdoor space can be difficult but also rewarding. Determine the time of year you are most likely to use your outdoor space and include plants that will bloom around those times, or consider changing out your plant design with the seasons. Changing the plants throughout the year is a fun way to update the feel of an outdoor design without doing a complete makeover.

The sound of a small water fountain may be very soothing and provide the perfect backdrop for relaxing in chairs, around a table, or in a spa. A privacy fence ensures the space is your own piece of heaven. Small appliances and additions like fans and candles can bring depth to the atmosphere throughout the year and make the space a place that is truly relaxing and enjoyable.

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Dos and Don’ts for the Spa – SpaCap

A Spa or Hot tub can be fun for people of all ages and backgrounds. However, there are a few simple rules users should follow to stay safe and have a good time. The following is a list of rules to keep in mind while enjoying your spa experience.


  • Don’t assume your hot tub is low maintenance. Always check the chemicals in your tub every other week.
  • Don’t forget to rehydrate if you stay in the spa for a prolonged period of time.
  • Don’t get into a hot tub while pregnant.
  • Don’t drink or eat out of glass in your spa. It’s a mess to clean up if broken.
  • Don’t let debris get in your tub. Sand and dirt can mess up a filter.
  • Don’t get into a hot tub with an open wound. Hot tubs can facilitate the spread of infection.
  • Don’t get into a hot tub if the temperature is higher than 104oF.
  • Don’t jump into a spa.
  • Don’t use a hot tub during a storm.
  • Don’t mess with the electrical box. Only a technician can service the parts in the box.



  • Use your hot tub to strengthen your romantic relationship. The hot tub is an ideal place for reconnecting and relaxing together.
  • Closely monitor children around hot tubs.
  • Ensure your spa is properly enclosed for safety and liability reasons.
  • Mix with alcohol or medications carefully. Alcohol can raise your body temperature and make you dehydrate faster, which could be dangerous. Some medications should not be mixed with extremely hot water.
  • Pull up long hair to keep it from being caught in a filter or drain.
  • Be careful with electricity. Only use battery-operated appliances near the spa water.
  • Use a quality cover to protect the heat and safety of the hot tub water.

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Enjoying a dip in the spa
Spa Rules

Spa – Hot Tub Facts – SpaCap

Homeowners often have a number of questions before buying a spa. What is the right  temperature for spa water? How long does it take to fill a hot tub? Should you keep your water hot or heat it up before every use? Here are some facts to these answer common questions:

• A well-maintained hot tub needs to be drained and filled every few months to protect the quality of the water.

• Always consult your user’s manual for directions on cleaning your hot tub.

• Only use hot tub cleaners for your spa.

• The filter should be rinsed every 2 weeks and replaced every year.

• To protect the cover and hot tub from sun damage and weathering,  purchase a cover that does not use vinyl. All spa cover vinyls are rated by HOURS outdoors. Spa Covers from use Sunbrella Marine fabric which is rated by YEARS outdoors.

• There are products that will remove scratches from a hot tub shell.

• Evaluate warranties to ensure every component of your hot tub is included, without exclusions.

• The time it takes a hot tub to heat up varies, but on average the temperature will increase between 5 and 7 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. For this reason most spa owners keep the water at the target temperature since it is easier to maintain it than wait for it to reheat. There are heaters that will heat the spa water faster, typically gas that are employed on custom spas that cannot be covered. But these are not found in the average self contained spa.

• General maintenance on a hot tub should take a few minutes per week. This includes chemical checks and adding any deficient chemicals.

• A hot tub will cost anywhere from $30–50 per month on average to run continuously. The cost will always be impacted by the temperature of the area where the hot tub is placed, the ambient temperature, the insulation of the spa and the spa cover.

• It will take a hot tub an average of 1.5 to 2 hours to fill.

Health Considerations

• Always drink water if you plan to stay in the spa for an extended period of time.

• Hot tubs can cause skin to dry out, so apply moisturizer after prolonged use.

• People with pacemakers should avoid hot tubs because of the high temperatures.

• Catching a sexually transmitted infection from a hot tub is highly unlikely unless engaging in sexual activity.

How a Spa Can Strengthen Your Relationship – SpaCap

Reality TV shows have given spas and hot tubs a reputation for being the perfect setting for a raunchy rendezvous. However, on a deeper level, enjoying a dip in the spa together can be a good way for a couple to strengthen their relationship. Hot tubs provide a way for couples to relax, enjoy a beautiful view together, have long conversations in a peaceful, private setting, appreciate being massaged by the water in companionable silence, and more.

Emotionally, a spa can bring a couple closer together by providing a space for undivided attention and discussion. Conversations that are had without distraction are more likely to provide deeper connectivity. Being in the space of a hot tub is also relaxing because it provides a way to escape from the day, and for a while, couples can pretend they are anywhere in the world on a private, mini vacation.

The relaxing physical benefits of a spa also promote connectivity. Tension from jobs and other daily life obligations can be hard to disengage from. When the stress is counteracted by the heat and the pressure from the jets of a hot tub, people are more likely to open up in a positive way without the burden of obligation weighing down on them.

The easy access and watery environment can also be great for a romantic massage. Being physically close with a significant other can decrease stress for both partners and bring them closer together. It may even provide a few laughs when the water gets slippery – another proven health benefit.

Music, lighting, and a fluffy robe or bottle of wine also set the tone for connectivity, relaxation, and love. These extras can take an evening stay-at-home date to the next level and make couples feel special and pampered together. The ability to cater the moment to your personal tastes makes the experience of a home hot tub truly special.

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What Every Hot Tub Party Needs – SpaCap

Hot tubs are fun for private relaxation but also for parties and gatherings of friends and family. For your next hot tub party, check off all the items on this hot tub party checklist.

Relaxing in a hot tub
A Hot Tub is a great way to Relax with friends


Guarantee your guests won’t get sick by:

  • Keeping the hot tub clean. Ensure your hot tub chemicals are at the right levels.
  • Changing the filter. If it hasn’t been recently changed, changing the filter is another way enhance sanitation.


There are many great food options for your hot tub party, but consider keeping the fare light so guests don’t feel uncomfortable eating the food in their swimwear.

  • Caribbean theme. Many island dishes are light and perfect for hot tub parties. Jerk chicken skewers, mango salsa, and plantain chips are light, filling, and refreshing.
  • Hors d’oeuvres. Include finger foods so guests can try a variety of foods. Shrimp cocktail, bruschetta, and cheese boards are great.
  • Drinks. If you include alcoholic beverages, a fishbowl punch is a great cocktail for a crowd. Remember to include nonalcoholic beverages for guests who don’t drink. Use plastic cups to prevent broken glass.


The décor will provide the ambiance needed to really turn this into a party.

  • Lighting. Candles and torches provide wonderful ambient light that is soft and flattering.
  • Inflatable pool. An inflatable pool is a great way to keep food and drinks chilled and accessible – and is consistent with the hot tub theme.
  • Other décor. Have fun with other décor ideas like streamers, balloons, and plants!



A hot tub will be the main attraction, but staying in the hot tub for the duration of the party is not realistic. Having other activities can keep the party moving.

  • Spa. Manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages are great spa-themed activities that can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose.
  • Crystal ball. Fortune telling, palm readings, or Ouija boards can create an eerie ambiance.
  • Games. Waterproof cards can bring added fun to the tub while other games outside of the hot tub will keep guests entertained.

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Identifying Common Spa Water Problems – SpaCap

Spas and Hot tubs are a great way for families and individuals to relax and have a good time. Unfortunately, like all water recreation devices, maintenance is a constant job. For spas, problems can range from a broken heater or filter to a leak in the tub. Luckily, there are some ways to prevent the likelihood of major spa water problems.

Common Problems to Look Out For

The very noticeable problems with spas and hot tubs include water not properly heating or jets not working. A heating problem may be an easy fix by replacing the heating element or it may require a professional to test the mechanisms within the pump. Jets not working are commonly due to user error. Many jets are flexible, and rotating the jet to allow water flow may fix the problem quickly. If there is air in the jet causing a lock, loosening the pump fitting may help expel the air.

Keeping the chemicals in your spa water balanced is fairly simple with the kits available today, but occasionally the chemicals in your tub may become imbalanced. Following the instructions on your chemical kit and keeping a calendar reminder to add more chemicals in a timely manner will prevent imbalance. It is always better to check your chemicals and pH and adjust as needed than just dumping chemical shock into the spa.

Skin products and cosmetics may cause soap scum build up on your tub or an oil film. To correct this, use sanitizing solutions and cleaning supplies to dissipate the buildup. Sun damage can cause fading and cracking of the typical hot tub cover. Protecting your spa with a SpaCap Custom Spa Cover that uses Sunbrella marine grade fabric will last longer than any foam spa cover ever could. Using protectant and polishes can greatly increase the overall lifespan of your hot tub.

No hot tub is maintenance free. Fortunately, regularly checking your spa for little problems before they turn into big ones will keep it safe, durable, and more energy efficient.

Enjoying a dip in the spa
Spa Fun

Best Ways to Relax in a Spa – SpaCap

A Spa is great for relaxation, stress relief, and loosening tight muscles. Spas featuring jets can be used to massage sore parts of the body, and the hot water and steam can put the mind and body in a restful state. To get more relaxation out of your hot tub, consider these 5 strategies:

  1. Aromatherapy. Scented products designed specifically for spa use can take relaxing in a hot tub to the next level. Aromatherapy products mask the scent of chlorine or other chemicals in favor of soothing lavender or invigorating rosemary mint.
  2. Escape. Bringing a book to the spa or watching a movie is a great way to get the steaming hot benefits and de-stress by taking your mind away from the present location and worries of the day.
  3. Start the day. Spas aren’t just for relaxing after a long day’s work. Getting in a hot tub in the morning is a great way to ease the tension that comes with thinking about to-do lists, and it provides a meditative atmosphere to mentally prepare yourself for your day.
  4. Exercise. Exercise has long been touted as the greatest medicine for anxiety and stress, and exercise in a hot tub is even more beneficial. Being in warm water will keep muscles loose and flexible. Strength training and flexibility are great exercise options. Cardiovascular training is probably not; it could heat the body beyond a safe level.
  5. Romance. Combining the stress relieving properties of warm water and jets firing on tense muscles with the feel-good hormones that are released in the presence of a romantic partner, and you’ve found a winning combination for stress relief.

Next time you find yourself in your hot tub, try one of these relaxing ways to ease tension and enjoy the peace of the moment.

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