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Hot tubs are generally for relaxing tense muscles. But it is also a great place to do some mild forms of exercise that can help you get in shape. The hot water relaxes your muscles, helping them stretch easier and making your simple workout more effective. Persons suffering from arthritis, pulled muscles or ligaments, or other musculoskeletal issues can all experience relief from exercising their sore joints and muscles without worrying about too much tension or force causing further injury. The following are a few exercises and stretches to try in your hot tub:

  • Bicycle kicks. Sitting on the edge of the hot tub seat, kick your feet in a pedaling motion, keeping the circular movement going for at least 30 seconds – a minute if possible. This will stretch out the muscles in your leg while providing a mild workout.
  • Shoulder stretches. Roll your shoulders forward and backwards five times in each direction while keeping them submerged underneath the hot water. This will stretch out your shoulder muscles, loosening up any tightness or soreness. Another stretch is to slowly but firmly pull your arm across your body, keeping it straight as you do so. For example, bring your right arm to the left side of your body so that your bicep is below your chin, or stretch your arm so that your right hand is below your left hip.
  • Leg extensions. Sitting on the hot tub seat with your back straight, slowly extend your legs until your knees lock; then let them bend back down at the same speed. Do this five to ten times, keeping the pace slow and even. This will stretch out your hamstrings and calves while also giving your legs and abdomen a minor workout.
  • Gluteal stretches. These are great after a long run or other exercise in which the large muscles of your upper leg and backside are tight or sore. If you have space in the hot tub, sit sideways on the seat and extend both legs in front of you. Bend the leg closest to the wall so that foot is close to the knee of the straightened leg, and cross the foot over the opposite knee. Hold that pose for roughly 3 seconds, and you will feel your gluteal muscles relaxing and loosening.
  • Arm rotations. Straighten your arms out to either side of your body and slowly rotate them in small circles. Do between five and ten rotations in each direction, and you will begin to feel your arm and shoulder muscles loosening.

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Hot Tubs Fall into Autumn – SpaCap

The autumn months are spent drinking hot apple cider, building bonfires, and enjoying the final days of pleasant temperatures and outdoor activities. Don’t forget to enjoy your hot tub during this season! Before you have to start winterizing your tub for the colder months ahead, make sure to enjoy the fall weather out in the spa. The best way to celebrate? Throw a party!

Harvest Party Essentials

Including an abundance of seasonal specialties is a must for a cozy hot tub harvest party. From the food to the décor, this party should feature pumpkins, spices, and warmth at every turn. While you’re planning, consider creative ways to represent the season through decorations and snacks. For decorations, try something like:

  • Jack-o-lanterns leading the way. Line the walkway to the hot tub with glowing jack-o-lanterns. Fall is the only season when people practice this tradition, so incorporating it into your hot tub party will be the perfect seasonal flare.
  • Pumpkins for everything! Use hollowed-out pumpkins to hold chips, as flower vases, and whatever else you can think of.

For food, think about the things you only eat during this season, and start shopping! Focus on items like:

  • Seasonal treats. Stock up on caramel apples, pumpkin flavored baked goods, and candy corn to complete the night. Put little bowls around the edges of the hot tub so guests can snack while they relax in the warm water.
  • Hot apple cider. The perfect warm drink for a crisp autumn night. For an adults-only party, try putting a little Fireball Whisky in the cider to add some extra spice to the night.

For games, consider buying a few packs of waterproof cards to take the fun into the hot tub. Games like Spades, Hearts, Mafia, and more will keep you laughing through the night.

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Winterizing Hot Tubs – SpaCap

Although hot tubs are fun to use during cooler weather, most people need to prepare their hot tub for bitter winter temperatures when the spa won’t be used. Most climates don’t pose major risks to hot tubs, but to ensure you will enjoy your spa again in the spring, it’s wise to take necessary precautions to keep it in good condition.


Choose Your Plan for Winter


Depending on where you live, you might want to continue using your hot tub throughout the winter. For this reason, there are two routes for winterizing the tub: flush, refill, and either soak or drain and cover it until spring arrives.


Let the Winterizing Begin!


Regardless of which route you take, the hot tub needs attention before it gets too cold. The proper winterization steps include:


  1. Pre-cleaning the tub. Buy a bottle of Whirlpool Rinse and add it to the tub 24 hours before you plan to drain it to remove unwanted residues and prepare for draining.


  1. Getting stale water out. Use a submergible pump to remove the old water from the tub.


  1. Cleaning vents and filters. Take out the cartridge filter from the skimmer and clean the area. Take your time cleaning the filter to ensure all hair and debris is properly removed before you replace it into the skimmer.


  1. Removing excess water. Use a wet/dry vac to remove extra water from the tub before covering or refilling.


  1. Polishing all surfaces.


People who decide to leave the tub empty and cover it need to make sure all drains are left open to prevent frozen pipes throughout the winter. Cut the power, put something across the spa to support the cover (we typically suggest a heavy duty plastic ice chest), put the cover on and shelter it with a tarp, and head inside. Otherwise, refill the tub, put on your bathing suit, and keep enjoying the warm water through the cold months ahead.


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How Hot Tubs Help with Type 2 Diabetes – SpaCap

Establishing dependable methods for keeping blood sugar balanced is challenging for people with Type 2 diabetes. Individuals interested in minimizing the use of medications and finding more natural remedies for their condition should consider using hot tubs to lower their blood sugar.


How Hot Tubs Help


Before using hot tub therapy, make sure your physician approves of this type of treatment for glucose levels and other diabetes-related issues. The next step is learning how hot tubs are beneficial for diabetes patients. It’s frustrating to feel dependent on countless medications to stay healthy, so finding alternative ways to improve your health can be liberating and exciting for many people. The list of benefits includes:


  1. Lower blood pressure. Dr. Philip L. Hooper of McKee Medical Center in Loveland, Colorado, conducted a study where he tested the benefits of hot tub use on a group of diabetic men and women. The results of the study indicated a significant drop in blood glucose levels after subjects committed themselves to 30 minute hot tub soaks 6 days a week for 3 weeks.


  1. Weight loss. Dr. Hooper’s study also tracked an average weight loss of 3.75 pounds for those participating in the hot tub study. Diabetic patients always benefits from any type of weight loss, so this benefit of hot tub therapy is exciting for many people.


  1. Less stress. Because their blood pressure dropped and they feel healthier, many patients experienced more relaxation and less stress after developing the daily hot tub soaking routine. Warm water immersion is a reliable method for reducing anxiety, which is another health benefit for people with Type 2 diabetes.


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Hot Tubs Help Pain Relief –

People are increasingly interested in finding natural treatments and remedies for health problems. Fortunately, hot tubs lend several advantages to health. Individuals experiencing pain related to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) should consider buying a hot tub to ease their aches and pains.

How Hot Tubs Help

Although the true benefits of natural treatments like moist heat haven’t been thoroughly researched yet, the results patients experience make the endeavors worthwhile. The automatic benefits to the body after soaking in warm water are undeniable – and are quickly becoming more and more popular for patients suffering from RA.

Soaking in a hot tub helps stiff muscles relax and encourages proper blood circulation, which work together to alleviate the pain associated with RA. Talking to your doctor before you start doing this type of at-home treatment is wise and enables you to learn their opinion on hydrotherapy practices for RA.

How to Get the Best Results

Once you get the “thumbs up” from the doctor, several specific techniques should be utilized to make hot tub spa therapy as effective as possible for your RA symptoms. For the best results, try:

  • Setting the temperature between 92-100 degrees. This temperature range is the most comfortable for most people. Don’t mess around with the heat! The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns customers never to reach a temperature of 104 or above, which is hazardous for even the healthiest people.


  • Incorporating exercises. Having a repertoire of a few low-key exercises will get the blood flowing as the muscles begin to relax. Do some gentle stretches or roll out your back on a tennis ball against the tub wall to release tension areas. Activities like this in warm water are ideal because your muscles are warm and more flexible than other times.


  • Adding salt. Magnesium is important for heart and bone health, so add Epsom salts to the hot tub for an extra boost.


Don’t wait any longer to start treating your RA with a long soak in the hot tub.

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Hot Tubs Help Reduce Stress –

Do you like ending the day with a long soak in a hot bath? Maybe a hot tub is the right home addition for you! One of the best ways to alleviate stress after a long day at the office is to soak in hot water and let anxiety drift away with the steam.

1. It Automatically Makes You Happier

Scientific communities often suggest soaking in hot water releases higher levels of the happy hormone, dopamine. When this hormone is released, we automatically become less stressed and more relaxed. Instead of continuing to focus on the events of the day, respond to emails, or do more work, cut out time in the evening to truly relax. Your mind will immediately respond to the soothing benefits of a hot tub spa.

2. The Body Loves It

Medical communities always recommend warm water immersion for relaxing the muscles and minimizing cardiovascular stress. This combination of anxiety-reducing elements leads to better sleep, improved posture, and less overall stress. Get a tub with powerful jets and find the perfect sitting spot where the jets can provide a massage while you soak. To help the muscles relax even more, try adding a glass of wine, candles, and gentle music to serenade you in the background.

3. Your Nose Can’t Say No

Adding a few drops of essential oils to the tub will revolutionize your experience. Certain scents are known for triggering different types of relaxation and stress-reducing affects, so adding this element to your spa soak is the final element to guarantee less anxiety. Aromatherapy oils like lavender are especially popular for increasing relaxation.

With a hot tub spa, a warm bath is taken to a whole new level. Hydrotherapy is an effective way to keep your mind and body balanced during the stress of a demanding job and busy personal affairs.

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Benefits of Swim Spas –

What if you could swim any time you wanted and take a dip in the hot tub without giving up a section of your property? A hybrid of swimming pools and hot tubs, swim spas provide an innovative alternative to traditional home leisure options. Large enough to hold multiple people and long enough to practice swimming, the design and engineering of a swim spa offers owners the best of both worlds.


Water exercises help many individuals relieve joint and muscle pain while burning calories and promoting weight loss. While a hot tub is comfortable and relaxing, the average tub isn’t large enough to perform exercises or practice swimming. In contrast, swimming pools provide an optimal environment for exercising, but require more space. A perfect compromise, swim spas feature the same soothing jets and warmth as a hot tub while allowing room to swim, exercise, and play games.

Compact & Convenient

Not all homeowners are comfortable dedicating a plot of land to an in-ground pool while others would prefer a simpler solution. Swim spas, being compact and portable, can be placed outdoors or indoors in a location most convenient for the owner. For property owners facing cold winters, the option of swimming indoors is enticing. Because swim spas are smaller than traditional pools and portable, they appeal to homeowners who seek luxury without compromising comfort.

Take Your Investment with You

Unlike an in-ground pool, most swim spas can be taken with you when you move. In addition to enjoying the ability to swim in all seasons, you never have to say goodbye to this investment. Requiring less overall maintenance than a traditional swimming pool, swim spas quickly pay for themselves by providing ongoing functionality.

Compared to a swimming pool, swim spas are smaller in size and require fewer chemicals and less time to maintain. For budget conscious homeowners, swim spas are an ideal alternative to hot tubs and in-ground swimming pools.

Which benefit do you value most? Why?

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Hot Tubs Stuff You Didn’t Know –

A benefit for any home, hot tubs provide instant inspiration to relax. With roots traced back to 2000 B.C., hot tubs have a long, interesting history and surprising trivia associated with them. In the past 4,000 years, these three facts about hot tubs have sparked curiosity and newfound respect for one of the earth’s oldest luxury fixtures.

Hot Tub Origins

Long believed to have restorative properties, hot water was used in a variety of ancient communities to promote healing and overall good health. Inspired by the discovery of hot springs, hot tubs were initially created as bathing pools warmed by hot stone. As sanitation concerns began to develop, bath houses were made available to the public. Before long, hot tubs became a place of socialization and entertainment for all.

Ultimate Filtration Solution: Earth

Though the idea of keeping a hot tub clean might seem overwhelming, take a deep breath and relax. It’s not as difficult as it seems when the answer is inexpensive, readily available, and non-toxic diatomaceous earth (DE). Many experts agree that DE, known for impressive water filtration qualities, is one of the best options for keeping particles out of your water. Before using products enhanced with DE or handling it directly, check local restrictions on DE use.

Promotes Healthy Living

While improved health might not be everyone’s first thought when heading to the hot tub, it has been reported by individuals coping with chronic illness and pain. From aching muscles and stress relief to improved sleep and the promotion of weight loss, the therapeutic waters of a hot tub are undeniably powerful when it comes to good health.

Final Bonus Fact

Did you know humans aren’t the only creatures to recognize the benefits of hot tubs? For example, animals have been wisely taking advantage of hot springs, particularly during winter months.

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Hot Tubs Modern vs Ancient –

Between technology and science, hot tubs have come a long way. From engineering and construction to purpose and size, the hot tub concept began over 4,000 years ago in Egypt. Ancient civilizations used primitive methods, like heated rock, to warm the waters of pools. Today, electricity and chemicals are used to purify water and maintain desired temperatures. Take a look at a comparison of modern vs. ancient hot tubs.

Then and Now: The Similarities

Like hot tubs today, ancient versions served as a meeting place for locals, where friendships were forged and good times were had. Once the Romans helped promote the popularity of bathhouses, grand productions and various forms of entertainment took place at local heated pools. As a result, early hot tubs were partially responsible for bringing people together, much like modern hot tubs are today. Ancient bathhouse gatherings could be compared to modern day summer BBQs, where music, friendship, and good food is shared.

Different Strokes: The Evolution of Hot Tubs

In Egyptian and Roman history, a primary reason for attending a bathhouse was to get clean. Though we have different standards of cleanliness today, bathhouses were one of the first documented examples of people attempting to solve the problem of cleanliness. When compared to present day, the opposite is true, as hot tub owners are more concerned with cleaning the hot tub itself than using it to bathe.

Technology Shapes Hot Tub Future

While the history of hot tubs brings differences and similarities to light, the future of hot tubs is unknown. As science and technology advance, the possibilities for future hot tubs are endless. Today’s brightest minds harnessed the power of the sun to power hot tubs on solar energy alone. As society moves toward sustainable energy solutions, hot tub operation and maintenance will become easier to perform.

What do you think hot tubs will be like in the future?

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Reasons Hot Tubs Are A Good Idea-

While famous for fun and relaxation, hot tubs are a verified cure for boredom, a rough day at work, and achy muscles. Though some homeowners struggle with the decision to buy a hot tub, others enjoy the many benefits of owning one, including built-in stress relief, at-home entertainment, and a feeling of improved health.

Relieve Stress

The hustle and bustle of daily life can take a toll on your ability to remain calm and relaxed. Homeowners struggle to find a place of respite where the day’s stresses melt away, but those who own hot tubs experience the ongoing benefit of experiencing paradise without leaving home. Soaking in a hot tub relaxes both your muscles and mind, serving as a natural form of stress relief.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

How often do you spend quality time with your family or spouse? Between social media, television, and the internet, it’s easy to get distracted by technology and neglect to have meaningful conversations with those you hold dear. Owning a hot tub is a simple way to reconnect with the people you care about while making the most of your at-home experience.

Reap Healthy Rewards

Relaxation and fun with family aren’t the only two reasons to own a hot tub. For centuries, hot tubs were believed to aid sleep and promote relaxation. Only recently have scientists discovered an even greater link between improved health and hot tub use. A 2012 study reported individualadults with Type 2 Diabetes benefitted from lower blood sugar, decreased neuropathic pain, and improved sleep after periodic, monitored hot tub use.

The Takeaway

With multiple uses and benefits, a hot tub is a smart purchase for homeowners who want to fully enjoy their space while taking much-needed “me time.” Whether you’d benefit from relaxation, improved health, or a better night’s sleep, there are many reasons to own a hot tub.

In your opinion, which is the best reason to own a hot tub?

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