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Hot Tub Cover in Linen with Cocoa skirt

This Spa Cover Color is Linen with a Cocoa skirt.

What is a SpaCap Spa Cover?

The SpaCap is a revolutionary patented spa cover design that uses air to insulate rather than rigid foam. This design works much better than any foam cover ever could for several reasons. First the whole purpose for any hot tub cover is to keep the spa water insulated. The traditional rigid cover and even the aluminum and walk on style covers all attempt to do this by making a bridge over the water surface, up at the top of the acrylic. From several inches off the water surface, rigid covers leave a void that allows warm water to evaporate into steam, rise up and hit the bottom of the cool rigid cover, condense and fall now cooled into the spa water below. No matter how thick the foam cover is, this constant cycle is cooling the water it is supposed to be keeping warm. In contrast the SpaCap begins to insulate right from the surface of the water. It uses air chambers stacked on top of each other to insulate the water similar to how storm windows insulate your home. Rigid foam covers will always eventually saturate with moisture, become heavy and loose whatever insulation value they did have. Since the SpaCap does not use foam, the insulation quality stays consistent. A ten year old SpaCap, still insulates as well as a brand new one.

Please note: All prices quoted below are for 96" x 96" or less.

For larger spas please call for a quote

Deluxe SpaCap

The Deluxe SpaCap cover outer fabric is highly durable acrylic Sunbrella Fabric available in two popular colors, Charcoal Tweed and Walnut Brown Tweed. Both of these colors are rich, deep shades, great at hiding dirt and dust.If your spa is outdoors the Sunbrella fabric will help the SpaCap last years longer. The SpaCap with Sunbrella marine fabric is the gold standard of outdoor fabrics, warranted against fading for five years from date of installation. Sunbrella is used on Yachts, Sailboats and Commercial Awnings all over the world. Chances are if you have patio furniture with a canvas like material it is more than likely a Sunbrella product. Glen Raven Mills, manufactures Sunbrella in several styles for different applications. We use the top of the line marine grade boat top and awning fabric. The furniture fabrics that carry the Sunbrella label offer even more colors and textures however they are not rated for the spa cover environment.

The current sale price for a Deluxe SpaCap with Sunbrella is $495

Premium SpaCap

More designer colors are available. This is your chance to indulge the designer in you. We offer all the colors Sunbrella has to offer in Marine fabrics. Design your SpaCap to compliment your home decor.

Choosing a premium color of Sunbrella adds $50 to the price for a Deluxe SpaCap

Swim Spa Cover with Contrasting skirt

Contrasting Skirt

If your spa is free standing (cabinet style) so we can build your cover to fasten to the vertical side of the spa cabinet, it will come with a skirt. Normally this skirt would be the same color as the top color you choose. Over the years we have had special requests for a skirt of a contrasting color. This option is in answer to that request. If you would like to have a contrasting color on your SpaCap. It is for cabinet style spas only since Deck mounted spas do not require skirt. You do not need to choose this option if you want the skirt to be the same color as the top. However if you want to take advantage of that fact that your SpaCap is truly Custom made for you and the contrasting color we show on many of our pictures really appeals to you This is your big chance.

Adding a contrasting skirt color adds $50 to the price of a Deluxe or Premium SpaCap

Longer Skirt

If your spa is free standing (cabinet style) so we can build your cover to fasten to the vertical side of the spa cabinet, it will come with a skirt. Normally we build this skirt four inches long. Occasionally we have been asked to make the skirt longer. The answer is YES. If you would like to add a longer skirt on your custom SpaCap we would be happy to do so. You can choose between 6", 8", 10" or 12" skirt on your cover. It should be noted that making the skirt longer may add a degree of difficulty to removing the cover. The advantage of a longer cover is if you live in a high wind area. The longer skirt will help the SpaCap stay put in more severe conditions even with fewer fasteners. We still recommend that you use all the fasteners however the longer skirt will help the cover stay put even when you don't.

The Addition of a longer skirt color adds $100 to the price of a Deluxe or Premium SpaCap

Extra Air Chamber

This will give the SpaCap another chamber to increase the insulation ability of the the cover. This option would be equivalent to adding another storm window to the outside of your house. Without adding bulk to the cover this option breaks up the insulation chambers into three units stacked on top of each other rather than the standard two. This just breaks up the Air chambers one more time. It will not make the cover any bigger or change the ease of use in anyway. Customers interested in cost effective energy savings need to add this option no matter what climate it is used in this option will quickly pay for itself in energy savings, especially in outdoor applications.

An extra chamber adds $50 to the cost of the SpaCap


Reflective Insulation is made with two layers of 99% pure aluminum, separated by a 5/16" dead air space. The Reflective Insulation blocks up to 97% of Radiant Heat. The Reflective foil is a radiant reflector bouncing heat back into the spa when it is colder outside or away from the spa when exposed in extreme heat. This can add an R14.3 layer of insulation to the SpaCap's already impressive insulation. The cutting edge of insulation technology, like a super space blanket, this option bounces radiant heat away from the spa during the heat of the day and back into the spa at night. Given the efficiency of the Reflectix and the expected life span of the cover this option will pay for itself in energy savings. Because of the initial cost it will take a little longer to do so, however with the cost of energy going up and the interest in saving this is a good choice. If you live in a climate of extreme temperature conditions [below 20° and above 100°] or your if your daily temperature variation exceeds 40°, this extra layer of protection will be much more critical. This is built into the cover during construction and because of the nature of Aluminum and chlorine this feature has to be built into the top between the outer fabric and top of the air chambers and is not something you can add on later.

The Price for adding Reflectix is $150

Hot Tub Cover in Aspen and Spruce combination

This freestanding spa has an Aspen colored Spa Cover with a Spruce skirt.

Deck Mount vs Free Standing Hot Tubs

One of the questions have to answer before we custom build your SpaCap is whether or not your spa is sunken into a deck or free standing in its own cabinet. For our purposes a deck mounted spa is one that only has the acrylic of the spa sticking up out of the deck surface. In this case we would build the SpaCap without a skirt because our cover would need to be fastened onto the horizontal surface of the deck beside the acrylic. The picture below is a view of a deck mounted SpaCap. Most of the covers we build go onto cabinet style or free standing spas where the fasteners will be mounted on the vertical side of the cabinet below the acrylic of the spa. In this case the SpaCap is designed with a skirt. The picture above this paragraph is what we would call a free standing spa. Even though about half the hot tub cabinet is sunken into the deck, there is enough cabinet above the deck for us to attach the cover to so we would design the cover with a skirt so it can be mounted to the sides of the cabinet.

Deck mounted spa with Oyster-Spa colored Spa Cover

A close up view of the Spa and Oyster color on a deck mounted Spa Cover.

Deck mounted hot tub

This is a Deck Mounted Hot Tub.

The fasteners for a spa cover on this spa would have to be attached to the deck since the sides of the spa cabinet are not available.

Every SpaCap is made in the USA

We build every SpaCap by hand, to order here in the United States. Years ago we were approached by representatives for a foreign company to see if we would be interested in having our covers made overseas. The low price made it a difficult decision. However quality of materials and construction in a product that needs to work every time and last a long time becomes a concern. Of all the covers we make, what percentage of failure is acceptable? At one time we used materials made on the other side of the Pacific. The problem was that even though the material did save us a couple dollars in cost every roll had blemishes, or sections where the thickness of vinyl was inconsistent and in fact were not air tight. But the bottom line was we would be shipping jobs overseas. Made in the USA is important to us. Our workers are part of our local community. They add to our area with their personalities, friendship and character. I would hate to see them have to leave to find work elsewhere. They have a great attitude and care about putting out a product we can be proud of. Most of our quality control comes from the fact that our workers know their job and want it done right. Yes, we could build the cover overseas. But then each cover would not be Custom made to order it would be part of a one size fits all. If the price was all we worried about then yes, we could build our covers overseas. We would rather build Spa Covers out of the best materials we can, here in the USA.

SpaCap hot tub covers are easy to remove

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