Another Replacement Spa Cover?

You might notice have a heavy rain one night or maybe in your area you experience heavy hail.  I know living in the great northwest Washington I experience rain about 90% of the year.  We get a lot of inquires from spa owners that are searching for a new spa cover about the damage snow, rain or hail can cause to our covers.  Traditional foam covers can be completely destroyed by a heavy rain or hail, even within the first year of owning your spa.  They are not designed to absorb impact very well.  So when rain or hail pounds on the foam cover it causes the foam inside to break down, allowing it to sink into your spa.  Although the foam covers are rigid enough to create a bridge over your spa, it is not equipped to support weight or allow for impacts. 

Branches, falling debris, hail or heavy rain can be the death of your hard foam cover.  The foam inside is not meant to withstand the pressure.  Anyone who lives in an area where these types of things occur knows that anything flat and rigid is going to take a beating under the pressure.  If you have lost a hardcover or maybe even two to damage like this, shouldn’t you be asking yourself if there is a product out there that can withstand an occurrence that for you might happen everyday, or is at least extremely likely?

No matter how fierce the storm or the hail stone an air filled spa cover will give or catch it without damage. We have tested them by driving golf balls into them at close range, dropping bowling balls on them and just having them in use around the country in areas that get severe hail storms. Before you replace another rigid foam spa cover because it broke, consider the only Spa Covers that will not end up the same way, the SpaCap.


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