3 DIY Ideas for Spa Décor – SpaCap

The majority of people don’t think of a spa as something you should decorate. After all, people come to a hot tub to relax rather than admire décor and designs, and many also have their eyes closed during their time soaking. However, creating an aesthetically pleasing spa area can actually help you and your visitors relax and enjoy yourselves more. Today, we’ll talk about some easy do-it-yourself spa décor tips.


Hot tubs are often used in the summer but may lose their appeal; on a warm day, the last thing anyone wants is to soak in a tub of hot water. Installing an inexpensive cloth canopy will keep your guests shaded and encourage them to stay in the spa for longer periods of time. If you want to use the hot tub during fall and winter, you can also rig it so it can be pulled back or easily taken down and stored. Canopy colors and designs add to the fun atmosphere; try blue, white, or aqua for an extra-relaxing ocean theme. Along the same lines there are some great Patio Umbrellas that are supported by a pedestal that is off to the side so that the umbrella can easily reach over the spa when desired or collapsed and moved off to the side when not in use. Some of these even come with lights that can add to the enjoyment.

Floating Food and Drink Containers

Mom may have told you not to eat and swim, but eating and drinking in the hot tub is a real treat. You can make it more so with your own floating food and drink container. Cut a pool noodle to fit around a small- to medium-size Rubbermaid or other plastic bin. Fill the bin with ice and your favorite drinks or snacks. Fruit slices are a great idea in the summer; in fall or winter, try frozen hot chocolate.

Candles on the Water

Of course, you should never place anything electric in or around your hot tub. However, flameless candles can be a great way to brighten the atmosphere while encouraging tension release. Set a few in your favorite scents around the hot tub area. Some candle brands also offer varieties that emit a slight crackling sound when activated. Use these to replicate the soothing sound of the fireplace.

Another way to accent your spa area is to get a cover that compliments the décor. At SpaCap.com, we custom build Spa Covers using Sunbrella outdoor fabric so you can really let your inner designer go. We can mix and match colors to bring out the colors of your home or patio furniture, or you can go nuts and show your team colors. Why not order yours today.