Can Hot Tubs be used in Winter? – SpaCap

Some people see hot tubs being used in the dead of winter and think it must be freezing to get out or that a ton of energy is being wasted. Of course, there are those who see people hot tubbing in winter and wish they could join in. Fortunately for the latter group, hot tub technology has improved to the point that hot tubs can be used at any time of the year and not spend too much on electricity. Below are a few tips for keeping your hot tub warm without spending a considerable amount of money in the winter.


  • Buy a good cover (our specialty).One of the most important aspects of keeping a hot tub warm is buying a good cover. Hot Tub Covers have to insulate or there is no reason to have one.  Trapping in the heat from day to day so that less energy is needed to heat it later adds up to energy savings. Covers that are old, worn, or ripped may be effective at protecting the hot tub from falling debris, but will allow the majority of heat to escape. If necessary, consider buying a new spa cover. At, for example, we build custom hot tub covers to fit all kinds of hot tubs. You can even add more insulation for ultimate energy savings.


  • Use solar power. Solar power is often collected by rooftop solar panels where it is either channeled directly to appliances or stored in batteries. By storing the electricity in batteries, homeowners can ensure they have a supply of power even when the sun is not shining. It will take a lot of solar energy to heat a hot tub, but one way to lower the amount of electricity needed is by using the sun to warm the water during the day. A plastic cover that can absorb and trap the sun’s heat will reduce the amount the temperature needs to increase to reach the desired warmth.


  • Lower the temperature. The average hot tub temperature is set at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. When not in use, a hot tub can be set at a lower temperature to reduce the amount of electricity keeping it warm. Using the sun and proper covers to trap in heat will keep the temperature steady without using too much electricity.

Since heat rises, the most important aspect of energy savings when it comes to hot tubs are the covers. This is true no matter what the season is. Unless the outdoor temperature where you live is a constant 104 degrees, insulation will be the key to saving money and keeping the spa ready for use. Visit right now to find out more about the Next Generation of Custom Hot Tub Covers.