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Preventing Freeze Damage to a Spa or Hot Tub

freeze damage is when water freezes and broadens within spa pipelines or spa equipment, like your filter, pump or heating system.
Water expands about 10% when it freezes. For pipelines or equipment that have a little quantity of water within, for example a pipe that is less than half filled with water, unused space inside the pipe enables some ice growth.
When pipes, pumps or filters are over half complete of water, there is little space for growth, and even extremely thick products can rupture from the ice pressure inside.
Today’s lesson centers on ways to avoid freeze damage in a spa or hot tub, which can be a complicated and pricey spa repair work, and sometimes, could ‘total’ the spa, with repair work expenses of thousands of dollars.
There are 3 ways to prevent freeze damage in a spa or hot tub
1. Winterize the Spa
We do not recommend that you winterize your spa, unless you are sure that it won’t be used for at least 3 months, or it can not be maintained (at a vacation house, for example).
Winterizing the spa is a procedure that takes a few hours, to drain all of the water from the spa, and utilize air to ‘blow the lines’, to require water from the pipelines, hoses and equipment.
We did a short article on How to Winterize a Spa, if you are considering winterizing the spa. It’s simple, however if you desire guarantees of a proper winterization, most spa service business offer this service.
2. Usage Freeze Protection
Modern medspas packs will have a freeze security mode on the spa that will turn on the flow pump when temperatures get near freezing. If you don’t see this available in your control alternatives for the spa, you may not have freeze security.
Freeze security works with an air temperature sensor that interacts with a controller, wired into the pump power circuit. Freeze security is standard equipment on all our Digital, Flex-Fit and Balboa spa loads, which is the most basic way of adding freeze security for older spas with air activated spa packs.
For aid including freeze security to your spa, feel complimentary to call our spa techs with some info about your spa.
3. Run the Pump
As long as water is moving through the pipes– all of the pipes, the water will not freeze. Open all of your jets, if your spa has the capability to separate banks of jets. Low speed can be used, as long as all pipelines are made use of.
The water need not be hot, or even heated at all–. As long as it’s moving through all the pipelines and equipment when temperatures are listed below 32 degrees. The heat from the spa pump, under a closed skirt, is also valuable to heat up the devices. Naturally, a spa cover need to be used during winter to avoid ice forming on the spa surface.
Throughout winter, it might be smart to operate your pump 24 hours daily in cold northern areas, or set the time clock to switch on the pump for 10 minutes every half hour.

• Adding heat to your spa, a hot spa can give 24 hours of security
• Keeping a tight fitting spa cover in place and protect
• Spa insulation– the more there is, the more protection you have
• Hang a 100 watt shop light, under the skirt, next to the spa pack

Always cover the tub when you’re not using it, and check to be sure the cover is properly secured on the hot tub, because in this way you can avoid wasting energy which is good for you as well as for your pocket. If you are using a traditional rigid foam cover to do this the dealer you bought it from may have recommended to clean and condition it once a month with vinyl protector, because in this way you will avoid to let UV rays to damage it. What they don’t tell you is that the vinyl on the outside of your cover is rated by HOURS outdoors. 1500hrs to be precise. Cleaning it and rubbing it with vinyl treatment is just wasting your time and money while prolonging the inevitable. Which is why Hot Tub Covers employ Sunbrella outdoor fabric which is rated by (wait for it) YEARS outdoors. In fact we have seen Sunbrella fabric still looking brand new after ten years outdoors. Nothing else comes close.  That said, if you do need to clean your cover for some reason, use the solution just on the top of the cover and pay attention to not let the solution to pour into the water of the spa. It is better to take it off and clean also the underside of it with a mild cleaning solution. Rinse well and air dry.

If you discover a spa or hot tub that is strong frozen, and perhaps you spot some freeze damage currently, the devices needs to be defrosted out. If there are broken pipelines, using electrical area heating systems might be unsafe, under the skirt.
If you have an outdoor camping tent large enough to place over the spa, you can thaw out a spa in a couple of hours. When I was servicing medspas in Colorado, we had a camping tent we utilized whenever we ‘d get a ‘frozen spa’ call. We utilized a little kerosene heater once the tent was established over the spa, and monitored it carefully. If there was freeze damage, (and there generally was), we would drain it entirely, make the repair and fill it back up.
Including warm water to the spa is another old trick. With a little adapter, a garden hose pipe can be connected to most sink faucets, to bring hot water to the spa, to raise the water temperature for a faster thaw. Sometimes, you can carefully wet frozen pipes with warm water– just do not spray any motors, electronic devices or controls.


If your power stops working throughout winter season, keep in mind that a heated spa with a good fitting spa cover has enough warmth to prevent freeze damage for 24 hours approximately, longer if it’s effectively insulated.
To maintain some heat under the spa skirt throughout a power failure, you might hang a 100 watt store light in an area close to the spa pack. In some scenarios, a small area heating unit might be safe to use likewise, inside the spa cabinet, in a dry place, till power is brought back.

Hot Tubs Used to Quell Rioting

Over the weekend a new tactic was introduced in areas hardest hit by recent rioting. In the pre-dawn hours Saturday, hundreds of National Guard troops moved hot tubs and portable grills into strategic locations throughout the city.


As the first light of day came, the troops were preparing hot dogs and hamburger patties for the long day ahead. Residents and protestors were greeted with the smell of cooking with just a hint of chlorine from the frothy hot tubs encouraging them to come partake.


Where the city streets had been a chaotic often frightening scene just hours before, the stage was now set for peaceful relaxation.


Through out the day, guard troops fed the public and provided towels for the bathers. Politicians began lining up to take credit for restoring order and insurance company’s brought in more food to supplement the event.


Overall peace spread throughout the city. A stage was set up in the business district and entertainment brought in as day turned to night. Jazz musicians played, and people danced in the streets. Later as the evening went on, the National Guard turned on the lights in the hot tubs and stood by with more towels to accommodate the exhausted revelers.


One city official commented that such treatment of the rioters was unprecedented but all things considered less expensive then just allowing the heated emotions to run their course.


Incidentally, it should be noted that the covers employed by the National Guard were all Hot Tub Covers made by so no injuries from heavy covers were recorded.

The Hot Tub as an Icon – SpaCap

From Pretty Woman to Hot Tub Time Machine, the hot tub has been an icon in pop culture since the ’60s. It started out as part of the sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll movement and now is featured in reality TV shows like Jersey Shore. It has been a popular tool for comedy films, romance films, and many more. Below are a few of the most memorable hot tub references in media.


  • Scarface. Filmed in 1983, the movie depicts Tony Montana relaxing in a large, ornate hot tub, showing a side of the pleasures of relaxing in a hot tub enjoyed by the very rich.


  • Pretty Woman. Julia Robert’s famous scene in 1990 had one of the most famous actresses of the day relaxing and enjoying herself in a large jet-style bathtub. The scene was funny, and even innocent, making hot tubs fun and a normal sight in film.


  • Back to School. Rodney Dangerfield was one of the kings of comedy in his time, and this raunchy 1986 movie showing a hot tub in his dorm room helped to make hot tubs the sexy settings for raunchy or romantic scenes.


  • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. In 1997, this Mike Meyers vehicle played off the now established stereotype of the “sexy hot tub” to get some serious laughs, spoofing James Bond and most “sexy” scenes that took place in hot tubs in earlier movies.


  • Hot Tub Time Machine. The 2010 comedy made use of the sexy hot tub trope in a slightly different way, sticking with the stereotype but also managing to use the hot tub as a major plot point.


All of these portrayals, not to mention the reality TV shows setting the hot tub as a place for raunchy and wild behavior, have affected the way hot tubs are viewed by the public. From raunchy to romantic to just plain funny, hot tubs have a long and well-documented appeal.

Life with a hot tub is good
Owning a Hot Tub makes life a lot better

Doesn’t that make you feel like part of history? You own an ICON! Sadly, we hear all to often from spa owners that aren’t using their hot tubs as often as they once did. Not Cool. More often than not it’s because they just don’t have the energy or the strength at the end of the day to wrestle their heavy cover off.

Don’t let it happen to you. You bought that hot tub to use and it made you feel great when you did. Get back to enjoying your spa! Remember how well you slept after relaxing the day away while the jets gently washed away your stress?

Order a custom spa cover from and get back to feeling like an ICON owner!

Hot Tubs and Spas / Health Benefits

Occasionally, we find one of those life assets that are both good for you and enjoyable. Unlike your least favorite steamed greens, hot tubs are members of this rare category. Not only is a hot tub fun and relaxing, it also has a number of health benefits. Read on to learn more about the reasons soaking in a hot tub is good for your health.

  • Relaxation. For people with high stress lives, it’s important to take a break every once in a while. A good soak will soothe sore muscles, while the massaging jets reduce tension in the back and body. In addition, the buoyancy offered by hot tubs reduces the need to put pressure on any part of the body, which can also relieve built-up stress.
  • Arthritis relief. Buoyancy isn’t only good for stress. By reducing 90 percent of body weight through buoyancy, hot tubs take pressure off joints, which relieves the symptoms of joint disorders such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and others. Regular sessions will also help joints remain flexible and strong.
  • Improved cardiovascular health. Heat from the tub produces an effect called vasodilation, or widening of the blood vessels, which improves circulation. The hot tubs warm water also produces an effect much like exercising by increasing the heart rate while decreasing blood pressure. They have a similar impact on individuals with type 2 diabetes and can help decrease blood sugar.
  • Better sleep. According to studies, soaking in hot tub water before bedtime can produce better sleep, especially in those who struggle to fall asleep or wake up throughout the night. Relaxing in hot water increases your inner temperature. When you exit the hot tub, your body’s thermostat will lower your temperature, which helps to induce sleep. For best results, try soaking for 15 to 90 minutes before you go to bed.


While using hot tubs can help improve our health, ensure you preserve the condition of your spa by getting the best spa cover on the planet from!