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A Spa or Hot tub can be fun for people of all ages and backgrounds. However, there are a few simple rules users should follow to stay safe and have a good time. The following is a list of rules to keep in mind while enjoying your spa experience.


  • Don’t assume your hot tub is low maintenance. Always check the chemicals in your tub every other week.
  • Don’t forget to rehydrate if you stay in the spa for a prolonged period of time.
  • Don’t get into a hot tub while pregnant.
  • Don’t drink or eat out of glass in your spa. It’s a mess to clean up if broken.
  • Don’t let debris get in your tub. Sand and dirt can mess up a filter.
  • Don’t get into a hot tub with an open wound. Hot tubs can facilitate the spread of infection.
  • Don’t get into a hot tub if the temperature is higher than 104oF.
  • Don’t jump into a spa.
  • Don’t use a hot tub during a storm.
  • Don’t mess with the electrical box. Only a technician can service the parts in the box.



  • Use your hot tub to strengthen your romantic relationship. The hot tub is an ideal place for reconnecting and relaxing together.
  • Closely monitor children around hot tubs.
  • Ensure your spa is properly enclosed for safety and liability reasons.
  • Mix with alcohol or medications carefully. Alcohol can raise your body temperature and make you dehydrate faster, which could be dangerous. Some medications should not be mixed with extremely hot water.
  • Pull up long hair to keep it from being caught in a filter or drain.
  • Be careful with electricity. Only use battery-operated appliances near the spa water.
  • Use a quality cover to protect the heat and safety of the hot tub water.

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