Hot Tub vs. Pool – SpaCap

Investing in a recreational water source is an exciting decision – one that will lead to many years of fun and relaxation. But, it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Factors such as children, space available, and cost all must be considered. Some people will install both, and enjoy jumping from one to the other during the summer, while others must limit themselves to a single choice. The following are a few of the factors that can influence a homeowner’s spa or pool decision.

• Cost. The cost for both swimming pools and hot tubs varies greatly with size and quality of the water feature. Hot tubs tend to have less variance in size and are almost always smaller than a pool. They also tend to be portable, unlike most home pools. Thus, the larger size, greater amount of water, and installation of a pool will usually lead to higher costs than for a hot tub.

• Health benefits. Both hot tubs and pools have health benefits. Swimming laps in a pool is great aerobic exercise while also putting minimal stress on joints or bones. The hot water of a spa will relax the body and the muscles, helping to ease chronic pain, loosen sore or tight muscles, and lower physical and emotional stress.

• Maintenance. Maintaining a pool involves keeping up the proper circulation of water through filters, cleaning out any debris in the pool, and ensuring proper chemical balances. A hot tub requires regular cleaning of a small space, removing harmful bacteria, keeping the water hot, and maintaining the jets and filters. Considering these factors together, maintenance for a hot tub is a much easier and less expensive task.

Both pools and hot tubs are a good choice for a water recreation area. As far as maintenance and price are concerned, hot tubs are the cheaper and simpler option.

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