Hot Tubs Can Be Fun- Games to Try

Hot tubs are certainly conducive to inner peace, hydrotherapy, romance, and relaxation. Did you know they are also good for entertaining and having fun? One way to make the most out of your hot tub is to incorporate fun games. Whether it’s family time or a party, these games are enjoyable for people of all ages.


Waterproof Cards


Regular playing cards won’t do for this challenge; you’ll need a deck that is waterproof. This is a simple investment and can provide hours of family fun. Use a floating tray to play games you already know, like Rummy, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, and more. You can also find waterproof versions of popular family games like UNO.




The best thing about many hot tub games is their lack of complex materials. For Submarine, all you need are two large plastic cups, such as Solo cups. Go around the circle one at a time. Each player must take an empty plastic cup and float it in the middle of the tub. Fill the second cup with water. Each player must then use only one hand to pour water in the floating cup for two full seconds, and then count four seconds before passing the cup to the next player. The player who causes the floating cup to sink to the bottom loses the game and receives a penalty.


Pass the Bottle


This game is easy to understand but difficult – and hilarious – to play. To play Pass the Bottle, take a hard plastic bottle (like an empty soda pop bottle), fill it with water, and cap it. The idea of this game is to pass the bottle all the way around the tub without touching it with your hands. You can use any part of your body, but two players may not use the same body parts in a row. If the bottle is dropped, the guilty party will receive a penalty before starting the game again with a completely different body part.


When the party is over and the fun has ended, be sure to protect your hot tub with a high quality spa cover from SpaCap!