Hot Tubs Modern vs Ancient –

Between technology and science, hot tubs have come a long way. From engineering and construction to purpose and size, the hot tub concept began over 4,000 years ago in Egypt. Ancient civilizations used primitive methods, like heated rock, to warm the waters of pools. Today, electricity and chemicals are used to purify water and maintain desired temperatures. Take a look at a comparison of modern vs. ancient hot tubs.

Then and Now: The Similarities

Like hot tubs today, ancient versions served as a meeting place for locals, where friendships were forged and good times were had. Once the Romans helped promote the popularity of bathhouses, grand productions and various forms of entertainment took place at local heated pools. As a result, early hot tubs were partially responsible for bringing people together, much like modern hot tubs are today. Ancient bathhouse gatherings could be compared to modern day summer BBQs, where music, friendship, and good food is shared.

Different Strokes: The Evolution of Hot Tubs

In Egyptian and Roman history, a primary reason for attending a bathhouse was to get clean. Though we have different standards of cleanliness today, bathhouses were one of the first documented examples of people attempting to solve the problem of cleanliness. When compared to present day, the opposite is true, as hot tub owners are more concerned with cleaning the hot tub itself than using it to bathe.

Technology Shapes Hot Tub Future

While the history of hot tubs brings differences and similarities to light, the future of hot tubs is unknown. As science and technology advance, the possibilities for future hot tubs are endless. Today’s brightest minds harnessed the power of the sun to power hot tubs on solar energy alone. As society moves toward sustainable energy solutions, hot tub operation and maintenance will become easier to perform.

What do you think hot tubs will be like in the future?

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