Hot Tubs Stuff You Didn’t Know –

A benefit for any home, hot tubs provide instant inspiration to relax. With roots traced back to 2000 B.C., hot tubs have a long, interesting history and surprising trivia associated with them. In the past 4,000 years, these three facts about hot tubs have sparked curiosity and newfound respect for one of the earth’s oldest luxury fixtures.

Hot Tub Origins

Long believed to have restorative properties, hot water was used in a variety of ancient communities to promote healing and overall good health. Inspired by the discovery of hot springs, hot tubs were initially created as bathing pools warmed by hot stone. As sanitation concerns began to develop, bath houses were made available to the public. Before long, hot tubs became a place of socialization and entertainment for all.

Ultimate Filtration Solution: Earth

Though the idea of keeping a hot tub clean might seem overwhelming, take a deep breath and relax. It’s not as difficult as it seems when the answer is inexpensive, readily available, and non-toxic diatomaceous earth (DE). Many experts agree that DE, known for impressive water filtration qualities, is one of the best options for keeping particles out of your water. Before using products enhanced with DE or handling it directly, check local restrictions on DE use.

Promotes Healthy Living

While improved health might not be everyone’s first thought when heading to the hot tub, it has been reported by individuals coping with chronic illness and pain. From aching muscles and stress relief to improved sleep and the promotion of weight loss, the therapeutic waters of a hot tub are undeniably powerful when it comes to good health.

Final Bonus Fact

Did you know humans aren’t the only creatures to recognize the benefits of hot tubs? For example, animals have been wisely taking advantage of hot springs, particularly during winter months.

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