Landscaping Around Your Hot Tub – SpaCap

New hot tub owners often come home almost as excited as new parents. They’ve done their research, chosen the right hot tub, and now it’s arrived. They can picture all the hot tub parties, all the relaxing evenings, and the way their tense muscles will finally relax – but wait. What about landscaping? Doing so around a hot tub can be tricky. The temptation is to overdo it, so guests’ eyes will immediately be drawn to the area. Too much, though, and guests will feel overwhelmed. We’ve provided some tips to help you ensure quality landscaping around your hot tub.

Listen to Your Mother

Mother Nature, that is. Plants are a great way to provide creative landscaping, but you must be aware of your climate and your plants’ needs. For example, cacti and cactus flowers will do well in the Southwest, but don’t make the mistake of trying to move them to Florida. Yes, Florida is still the South, but it’s far more wet and humid. On the other hand, it’s best to use hardy, sturdy plants if you live in New England. Evergreens are a wonderful choice; think of the fun hot tub party guests might have decorating an outdoor tree in the wintertime. You might also try chrysanthemums or certain types of asters.

Use Stair Steps

By this, we don’t mean literal stairs. We’re suggesting you place plants at different levels. For example, you could have a couple of hanging baskets, but also place smaller plants on the upper ledges of the hot tub. You can also use rocks, flagstones, or bricks to create a unique pathway to the hot tub. If you have young children or loved ones who are elderly or have disabilities, include railings, and always be sure to incorporate plenty of space for walking around the spa.

Try a Theme

If your family members or guests are coming to your hot tub for a relaxing getaway, consider landscaping with a theme in mind. Perhaps you live in an area where Chinese or Japanese influence is heavy. Try using a stone walkway, Chinese lanterns, or a few bonsai trees near the tub for atmosphere. If an English garden look is more your style, consider wildflowers, roses, or topiaries.

Not Too Close

It’s easy to get carried away and put plants right up to the spa on every side but this is a mistake. You have to leave room for access, removing and replacing hot tub covers as well as maintenance if the spa needs to be worked on. Besides, when you’re in the hot tub you want to enjoy the landscaping. If it’s all crowded around the spa it won’t be very pleasing or relaxing. Think of the view from the spa and try to keep an open, uncluttered, peaceful area. Remember, plants grow.