Prepare Your Hot Tub for The Fall

Labor Day is over and summer is coming to a close. It’s time for the leaves to change, kids to go back to school, and everything to be pumpkin flavored. It’s also time to start getting your hot tub ready for cooler weather. There are a number of steps for preparing your spa for the season. Read on to learn more.


Prepare Your Cover


The purpose of your spa’s cover is to prevent leaves and other debris from getting into the water, while also keeping heat inside to ensure maximum energy efficiency. In the fall, both components are equally important. If your old foam hot tub cover is falling apart, sinking into the water, or otherwise failing to do its job, it is way past time to replace it.  Before you do ask yourself if you want to get another one that will end up exactly the same way or do you want to stop the insanity and check out the only hot tub covers that won’t get heavy or break, will insulate better, never blow away in the wind and last longer? If you’re ready for an upgrade check out


Clean Your Spa


As the outdoor temperature cools down, it’s important to make sure your hot tub is well prepared to be as clean and energy efficient as possible for the coming seasons. Check the filters and clean or replace them if they need it.


It’s also a good time to fully drain your spa to clean any mineral deposits or other buildup before winter comes. Once the ice and snow are in full swing, cleaning your outdoor tub will be torturous. Avoid this by getting it done ahead of time. If you don’t want to drain and clean all the way through, at least flush out and refill your tub to ensure cleaner, clearer water.


Save Energy


Colder weather doesn’t mean your spa’s energy consumption will cost more. A high quality, custom made, well-insulated hot tub cover that can handle ANY snow load and laugh freezing, hail and tornados will drastically reduce heat loss. (Get yours today at There are other effective, easy-to-use supplemental systems that allow for warm, relaxing water, but put the spa in “energy saving” mode when not in use.