Preparing for Your Hot Tub Installation

If you’re installing a hot tub for the first time, you should be excited! You’re well on your way to years of enjoyment and relaxation. First, however, you need to prepare your site for installation by creating a level foundation, ensuring it’s not too close to electrical outlets, and implementing a proper drainage system. Read on to understand the steps for preparing a property for a hot tub.


Types of Foundations


Site is the most basic consideration when it comes to placing a hot tub outdoors, especially if you want your tub as close as possible to the house itself. Your foundation is not just a level piece of ground with a tub on it. If watery soil comes in underneath, its acidity could corrode or rot the tub’s structure. You’re all but guaranteed to lose the warranty if your hot tub becomes damaged due to poor foundation.


If you want your hot tub directly on the ground, you’ll need a concrete pad. A properly compacted bed reinforced with mesh will resist cracking and water damage. Alternately, a gravel base, concrete paver, or patio block will all offer a high quality, level surface with various benefits and drawbacks to each.


On the other hand, you may want to build a deck for your tub. This is an excellent option, especially if you plan to host parties and other social events in and around your hot tub. It’s also an attractive option – though if you don’t already have a deck, the financial consideration of building a new one might be a hurdle.

Be sure to consider your access. Don’t shove your hot tub into a corner or put plantings or railings so close to it that you cannot walk around it. Make sure you have room to get around the hot tub so that you can easily remove and replace your hot tub cover. Having limited access  will make using any spa cover more difficult if not impossible. You purchased your hot tub so that you could use it for years to come. Make it easy to get in to and out of or eventually you won’t use it at all.


Other Considerations

When beginning to put together your hot tub, you’ll need to take into account a number of other factors. For instance, how do you plan to drain water away from the hot tub? How will your hot tub be connected to power? You’ll also need to create a safe path to and from the tub without obstacles or debris that may be tracked into the tub, so leave room for this upon installation.

Your new hot tub dealer will most likely want to “throw in” a traditional rigid foam filled spa cover.  But every foam filled cover ever made will eventually become heavy, or broken and end up part of a landfill. Tell them to keep that cover and get a custom made hot tub cover from!