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Relaxing in a hot tub
A Hot Tub is a great way to Relax with friends

There are two types of hot tubs you can get: saltwater and chlorinated. The health benefits of saltwater swimming pools and hot tubs have become popular in recent years. Combine the healing power of heat and the antibacterial properties of salt, and you have a winning combination. The following are a few of benefits and drawbacks of owning a saltwater hot tub.




  • More comfortable. Saltwater tubs still use chlorine to keep the water clean, but the amount is less than what’s used in typical chlorine or bromine tubs. Thus, the water is softer and more soothing, and there are fewer chemicals to cause itchiness in bathing suits or to hurt your eyes.


  • Better for you. In addition to being less damaging to your eyes, the smaller amount of chemicals will also be less harsh on your skin and hair, making your skin less likely to dry out and your hair less likely to turn green or have that straw-like consistency commonly associated with pools.


  • Save time. The generators in saltwater pools produce chlorine at a constant rate, meaning you don’t have to monitor the chlorine levels and add more chlorine to the water whenever it gets low.




  • More expensive. The initial installation price of the saltwater pool generator is expensive, and the saltwater will corrode any metal pieces, meaning they may need to be replaced more often. The salt chlorination cells will also need to be replaced about once every other year and can cost several hundred dollars.


  • Can be more work. Following all of the instructions needed to properly maintain a saltwater hot tub and checking the salt chlorination cells regularly can be difficult and stressful.


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