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Hot tubs offer relaxation most of the year, but spa owners faced with large energy or repair bills are less likely to find the experience enjoyable. To prevent an increase in energy consumption and maximize use of your spa, put these four tips into practice.

Use Hot Tub Covers

When a hot tub’s water is exposed to open air, heat is lost at a consistent rate. As a result, more energy is consumed in an effort to keep water temperatures steady and comfortable for spa guests. To prevent ongoing heat loss, hot tubs should be kept covered when not in use. Adding a custom made spa cover from will prevent a significant rise in energy costs, particularly during the winter months.

Establish Wind Blockers

Combined with hot tub covers, wind blockers effectively reduce exposure to flowing air which might otherwise decrease a spa’s temperature. Depending on your spa’s placement, the following wind reducing options are available:

  • Landscaping. Planting bushes, flowers, and trees near a hot tub adds intrigue to the area while effectively reducing wind exposure. Remember to leave enough room to easily walk around your hot tub.
  • Fencing. The addition of fencing protects hot tubs from moving air while restricting access to a spa, which is ideal for owners with children or pets. Again, don’t put these so close to the spa that you cannot easily walk around it on all sides. If not, eventually removing and replacing hot tub covers will become too much a hassle and you’ll quit using your spa. Then one day while looking at your electric bill, it will dawn on you that you’re paying to heat spa water that you can’t remember the last time you were in. Eventually, you will decide to reclaim that part of the yard. You’ll give it away to someone willing to haul it off. As it leaves the yard you’ll say, “It works great, it only needs a new cover.”
  • Privacy panels. A less permanent alternative to fencing is the addition of privacy panels. Conveniently moved or rearranged, privacy panels offer wind protection comparable to fencing.


Insulate Insulate Insulate

Thermal blankets are beneficial for humans in the winter months, as they help keep heat in its place. In the same manner, thermal blankets may be used under a spa’s cover to keep the heat in. To be effective, the thermal blanket must float and be energy efficient. Most hot tubs come with great insulation inside the cabinet, but it never hurts to check. If the insulation is damaged or missing replace it.

Check Spa Settings & Pumping Cycles

An easy way to reduce energy consumption and save money is to adjust spa settings according to use. Unless your hot tub has a continuous circulation pump, check the owner’s manual to determine if pumping cycles or default settings can be adjusted. During winter months or while on vacation, adjusting the temperature, pumping cycles, or programming can reduce the amount of energy consumed.

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