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Spas and Hot tubs are a great way for families and individuals to relax and have a good time. Unfortunately, like all water recreation devices, maintenance is a constant job. For spas, problems can range from a broken heater or filter to a leak in the tub. Luckily, there are some ways to prevent the likelihood of major spa water problems.

Common Problems to Look Out For

The very noticeable problems with spas and hot tubs include water not properly heating or jets not working. A heating problem may be an easy fix by replacing the heating element or it may require a professional to test the mechanisms within the pump. Jets not working are commonly due to user error. Many jets are flexible, and rotating the jet to allow water flow may fix the problem quickly. If there is air in the jet causing a lock, loosening the pump fitting may help expel the air.

Keeping the chemicals in your spa water balanced is fairly simple with the kits available today, but occasionally the chemicals in your tub may become imbalanced. Following the instructions on your chemical kit and keeping a calendar reminder to add more chemicals in a timely manner will prevent imbalance. It is always better to check your chemicals and pH and adjust as needed than just dumping chemical shock into the spa.

Skin products and cosmetics may cause soap scum build up on your tub or an oil film. To correct this, use sanitizing solutions and cleaning supplies to dissipate the buildup. Sun damage can cause fading and cracking of the typical hot tub cover. Protecting your spa with a SpaCap Custom Spa Cover that uses Sunbrella marine grade fabric will last longer than any foam spa cover ever could. Using protectant and polishes can greatly increase the overall lifespan of your hot tub.

No hot tub is maintenance free. Fortunately, regularly checking your spa for little problems before they turn into big ones will keep it safe, durable, and more energy efficient.

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