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Beautify Your Spa – SpaCap

Everyone enjoys a spa, and part of the spa experience revolves around the aesthetics. If your hot tub is in a stark, boring, or dirty area, guests and family members won’t want to use it. You’ll end up with an unused luxury item and a pile of wasted money. Fortunately, plenty of ways exist to brighten up your patio space and entice guests to use the spa. We’ve detailed three of the top ways below.

Slatted Fencing

Fencing isn’t normally considered decorative, but it has big advantages over some other options you might consider. First and foremost, fencing provides privacy. Being able to duck behind a fence or securely close a gate offers spa users the feeling of retreating to their own private hideaway. Fencing can also block noise and insects, two of the biggest deterrents to relaxation while in the hot tub.

Finally, fencing is a big help for more modest guests or guests who have particular uses for the spa. Modest guests won’t have to worry about being walked in on. Lovers can enjoy each other’s company in peace, and exercisers can complete their routines without being ogled. (Caution: when exercising in the tub, always use a spotter).

Decorative Furniture

Patio furniture is always a big draw for guests, especially if your patio also comes with a spa. You can decorate your patio with any theme you like, including tiki, Mexican, or English garden. Hardware and specialty stores sell many varieties of lanterns, coffee tables, chairs, and more. Some homeowners also choose to use decorative flooring to draw people to the patio and spa. Stone is a popular choice, since it evokes associations with castles or ancient homes in Greece and Rome.


You must always be careful when placing lighting around your hot tub. Consider tiki-style lighting, which is sold by many different hardware retailers. Chinese or Japanese garden lanterns are also a popular choice. For fall and winter, consider Christmas lights to create a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere.


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