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Many homeowners decide to turn their outdoor hot tub off for the winter, either draining and cleaning them or taking steps to prevent the water from freezing. Others prefer to use the hot tub during cold weather and will leave it filled and on during the winter.

Seasonal Hot Tubbing Costs

Cost is a factor that many spa owners take into account when determining how long to keep a hot tub running. To keep the water consistently hot costs more than occasionally heating it, and without excellent insulation in the tub and its cover, residual heat is lost in less than a day.

The costs of operating a hot tub continuously can be $30–50 a month. To occasionally heat a spa, the cost per use runs between $5 and $8. If cost is a large factor for those who are thinking of leaving a hot tub on throughout the winter, investing in a quality cover can lower costs.

SpaCap hot tub cover in winter conditions
SpaCap on duty in winter

That’s why a custom hot tub cover from is such a great idea.  At Spacap we build custom hot tub covers not only to fit your spa but also to your needs. If you live in an area that gets brutally cold, we can add extra layers on insulation and a radiant barrier that bounces heat back into your hot tub.

Additional Elements to Consider

Other factors to remember during winter include the outside air temperature. In colder weather, a hot tub will take longer to heat up and expend more energy to keep the water temperature constant. To mitigate the effects of the cold on an energy bill, a quality hot tub cover is necessary.

Choosing to drain and clean a hot tub for winter is an investment in time. Certain steps must be followed to ensure the tub is properly winterized and that no water is left in the tub that may freeze and damage the lining. Many newer, portable hot tub models have built-in controls that prevent freezing damage from occurring, making shutting down a hot tub for winter an excellent way to save money.

Draining the hot tub does not remove the need for a quality cover. For more information on covering your hot tub when it is off and drained, contact

Whatever you choose to do with your hot tub, read any information provided by your hot tub provider to ensure your winter maintenance is on par with the company’s recommendations.