Using Hot Tubs in the Morning – SpaCap

People often think of relaxing in the hot tub after a hard day of work or strenuous exercise. The hot water relaxes muscles and increases circulation, making for a great warm-down activity. This also means they can help users wake up in the morning and physically prepare for the day by opening up blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.

Hot tubs have both a relaxing and stimulating effect on the body. When a person submerges in hot water, his or her body temperature is raised, preventing the body from cooling itself through perspiration. In some cases the process is similar to exercise in a hot and humid climate, where sweat does not evaporate and cool the body. In the body’s effort to lower its temperature, it dilates the blood vessels below the skin; a process known as vasodilation. This will lower the body’s blood pressure slightly and may lower heart rate as well.

The increase in blood flow will relieve tight or sore muscles, and doing simple exercises and stretches in the hot tub first thing in the morning can relieve any tension from the day before. A few simple exercises to increase blood flow and heart rate will balance out the relaxing effects of the hot tub and leave a person invigorated and ready to face the day. People struggling with chronic pain or joint discomfort can also benefit from soaking in hot tubs, as the increased blood flow and warm temperatures often provide relief. Those with injuries like bruises, however, should avoid the hot tub, as the increased blood flow may cause swelling.

Another benefit of morning hot tubbing is a sense of peace and mental calm. The hot tub’s relaxing effects and the rhythmic sound of the bubbles and jets will slowly wake a person up and provide a perfect environment for meditation.

Finally, a number of people prepare for their days by drinking coffee and eating a healthy breakfast. If you enjoy a hot tub while drinking your coffee or shortly after eating breakfast, your dilated blood vessels will spread the nutrients and caffeine through your system much faster.

One thing that can stop you from getting the benefit from your hot tub is a heavy cover. It happens slowly over time but eventually every rigid foam filled spa cover ever made will become saturated with water and too heavy to lift. Before you even realize it your starting to avoid getting into your spa just because you dread removing and replacing the cover.

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One of the technicians said, “That’s me. When my wife uses the spa, she leaves the cover off until I get home because it takes two of us to lift it back onto the hot tub.” The other one added, “My parents just gave me their spa, it works perfectly, they just stopped using it because the cover made it to hard to get into. All it needed was a new cover!”

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