Winterizing Hot Tubs – SpaCap

Although hot tubs are fun to use during cooler weather, most people need to prepare their hot tub for bitter winter temperatures when the spa won’t be used. Most climates don’t pose major risks to hot tubs, but to ensure you will enjoy your spa again in the spring, it’s wise to take necessary precautions to keep it in good condition.

Choose Your Plan for Winter

Depending on where you live, you might want to continue using your hot tub throughout the winter. For this reason, there are two routes for winterizing the tub: flush, refill, and either soak or drain and cover it until spring arrives.

Let the Winterizing Begin!

Regardless of which route you take, the hot tub needs attention before it gets too cold. The proper winterization steps include:


  1. Pre-cleaning the tub. Buy a bottle of Whirlpool Rinse and add it to the tub 24 hours before you plan to drain it to remove unwanted residues and prepare for draining.


  1. Getting stale water out. Use a submergible pump to remove the old water from the tub.


  1. Cleaning vents and filters. Take out the cartridge filter from the skimmer and clean the area. Take your time cleaning the filter to ensure all hair and debris is properly removed before you replace it into the skimmer.


  1. Removing excess water. Use a wet/dry vac to remove extra water from the tub before covering or refilling.


  1. Polishing all surfaces.


People who decide to leave the tub empty and cover it need to make sure all drains are left open to prevent frozen pipes throughout the winter. Cut the power, put something across the spa to support the cover (we typically suggest a heavy duty plastic ice chest), put the cover on and shelter it with a tarp, and head inside. Otherwise, refill the tub, put on your bathing suit, and keep enjoying the warm water through the cold months ahead.

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