Make Your Outdoor Space A Spa Retreat – SpaCap

Having a porch, patio or deck with a spa to relax and unwind on after a long day’s work is important. A few of the features your outdoor space can have to make it more peaceful are included here. These items include your spa, comfortable lawn chairs, a privacy screen or fence, a fan, and calming decorations, like plants, candles, or small water fountains, to make the most of your property.

SpaCap in Burgundy and Cadet Grey
A peaceful spa surrounded by plantings

The Spa

A spa is a great feature to include in a relaxing outdoor design for its therapeutic qualities and social benefits. As the focal point of a party, a hot tub can promote connectivity and togetherness. Spas come in many different sizes and designs and can be modified to complement any outdoor or indoor space according to owner preference.

Your Outdoor Space

Comfortable lawn chairs add a place to lounge outside of a water recreation area, and the right chairs can be great for reading, eating, or chatting with friends late into the night. Choosing the plants that go into your outdoor space can be difficult but also rewarding. Determine the time of year you are most likely to use your outdoor space and include plants that will bloom around those times, or consider changing out your plant design with the seasons. Changing the plants throughout the year is a fun way to update the feel of an outdoor design without doing a complete makeover.

The sound of a small water fountain may be very soothing and provide the perfect backdrop for relaxing in chairs, around a table, or in a spa. A privacy fence ensures the space is your own piece of heaven. Small appliances and additions like fans and candles can bring depth to the atmosphere throughout the year and make the space a place that is truly relaxing and enjoyable.

Having a spa cover that won’t saturate or break is a great way to insure you’ll go on using your private retreat. Since all traditional foam filled spa covers eventually end up that way, you’ll need to get something remarkably different like the SpaCap. Good news, every SpaCap is covered with Sunbrella brand marine fabric so it can match your decor and stay looking fantastic for years to come.