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Time To Replace Your Hot Tub Cover

We greatly appreciate our customers that have taken the time to acknowledge a job well done and let us know they are
happy with our Hot Tub Covers.

Hot Tub Cover Customer Testimonials

Just this week, we got an email like this... "Any Recommendation for finding and sealing an air leak in my 3 chamber SpaCap?" So we asked for more information to see if we could help. His response went like this, "Well, I have to admit my SpaCap is about 18 years old, so it is showing it's age. There are some holes in the outer Sunbrella fabric from where it comes in contact with the fence around the hot tub when we remove it from the spa. I'm using Nature2 Spa Cartridges, Enhanced Spa Shock once a week. Plus I shock the spa once or twice a week depending on use of the tub. I don't see any effect of the chemicals on the underside of the cover. I have treated the Sunbrella several times over the years with Sunbrella fabric protectant which I assume has added some life to it... I'm amazed how little I have heard about your covers since it's inception, because it really is the best invention I've seen for a hot tub cover. I hope your business is doing well and growing since I bought my SpaCap! I'm going to try and squeeze a couple more years out of it and replace it when it turns 20 years old."
Ken, Oregon

I just needed to write to let you know that I am extremely pleased with our new SpaCap. It has already proven itself as it withstood strong winds that would have sent our old spa cover sailing. It's light enough for my wife to handle, easy to install (thanks for the video which helped), and just exactly what we ordered from the color to the size. I have already recommended your product to other spa owners as well as a future spa owner who asked about ours. I will certainly drum up business your way as you gave us a great item at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work!
Dave, Los Lunas, New Mexico

I was just using my hot tub and it occurred to me that I needed to contact you. A while back, I can't remember when exactly, I purchased one of your spa caps. I was fed up with conventional covers and all the drawbacks associated with them. I had just had back surgery and I could not get the cover off my hot tub. The cost of the spa cap seemed quite high, but it appeared to be a better idea for covering a tub. It was and that is the reason for this letter. Rarely can one purchase a product that actually meets, much less exceeds, its claims, but the spa cap does just that. I no longer have any trouble gaining access to my tub. I can remove the spa cap effortlessly by myself. It is durable and really looks quite unique on the tub. I believe it insulates better than a conventional cover. In short, although the cost seemed high when I purchased the spa cap, it has proven to be worth every penny spent. I know that you already know all these facts, but when a job is done well, the people who do that job deserve to be recognized. So, congratulations and thank you for a great product. Keep up the good work. I wish you continued success.

I am 100% pleased with my SpaCap. I found the SpaCap while searching the web for a new spa cover. This product is available directly from the manufacturer. It is an expensive item, right up there with the most expensive spa covers available. I took a chance and ordered one. I am certainly happy I did. This product (SpaCap) is far superior to the commonly available hard foam covers. It is lighter in weight, cannot saturate with water, and most importantly it is very highly energy efficient. I am saving the extra cost of the cover in energy savings. My spa runs for only a fraction of the time that it used to with the old foam cover. Several times a year at my location we have winds with gusts reaching 70 miles per hour. This cover stays put. The old hard foam cover would break its tethers and blow a quarter mile away. I highly recommend this product. You can fully believe all the statements on the manufacturer's web-site.

SpaCap Hot Tub Covers are meant to be soft so it is able to absorb impact

Hey guys! Just thought I'd let you know...We Love our SpaCap!!!! So does my grand baby ! I think she'd nap there if we let her ! We are VERY pleased with our new SpaCap cover. I've invited a neighbor over to check it out when he goes to replace his busted up, dog chewed standard top ! Hope he'll get one too ! I don't think his dog will chew it up! May bounce on it though !!!! Thanks again for making a quality product......We had 2 weeks of below zero weather and our temp never varied nor did the heater run constantly ......Super SpaCap is all I have to say! Thanks again,

I am extremely pleased with your product. Its light weight and excellent heat and moisture retention have exceeded any other cover we have used. I can now use the spa whenever I like, and I am much more comfortable. I love to slip in about 2 AM. AAAAhhhhhh Thank you and I wish you great success.
Mrs Roger M

FYI, it's been very, very windy here for the past 48 hours and I've been pleasantly surprised that my new spa cap hasn't budged an inch! Yes, it is secured down, but during the first 24 hours it was not....and it stayed exactly where I put it. So far, I'm a very happy customer. :-)
Valerie P

We've had our SpaCap for only a month or so, but we are very happy with it. Our foam cover was not even a year old and I couldn't open it alone. Fortunately, I didn't have to because the rainwater pooling up in the middle contorted the thing so, that I didn't even need to lift it to test the water... I just reached in the gap! Not so good for insulating, though. If I could lift the old cover, I'd take it in and leave it in front of the shop that sold it to us. Thanks for making a product that works. Lynn C

Just wanted to send you folks a big thanks from a 3+ "year old"customer. My last hot tub cover was the highest quality, graduated slant foam hard cover. After 3 1/2 years, it took 2 men to lift the tub cover. It weighed nearly 400 pounds when we pulled it off the last time!! I have a very bad back and was very upset to think that I would be spending $400-$500 every 3 years for a new cover. Then one day I was looking for a new cover via the internet and got really lucky!! I stumbled onto your site. Once I read the info, I called and placed my order. Now, nearly 4 years later, it still works like a charm. I can use my spa anytime I want to - I don't have to wait until the "guys" get home. And since your cover only cost me what the old hard cover did, I am now going into "profit" time - I have already gotten more use out of yours than I did from my hard cover and there is no sign of deterioration or problems so I expect to get at least 4 more years out of it. I tell everyone I know who is thinking about getting a tub - go to Another Company and get a GOOD one!!! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Quick note to tell you how happy we are with the new SpaCap. We live in a really windy location and have always had problems with our foam covers blowing off. We have had no problems at all with the SpaCap. It's great to have a light weight cover to remove as well, we just threw out our second water logged foam cover and are relieved to not have to worry about doing that again. It was worth the wait. I'm sure your business will continue to grow. I will be spreading the word here in Vermont. Ken H

Just wanted to drop a line and say the cover is great and made just as if you measured the tub yourself. I love it and thanks to your team. Randy D, TX

About a year ago I ordered a spa cap from you. It has weathered rain, snow, and hurricane force winds in that time. It performs exactly the way you said it would and we are so pleased with your product! We use our spa so much more now that we are able to easily get the cover off. Thank you!
Diane and Ray R.

A thermos uses an air space to keep coffee hot just like the SpaCap Hot Tub Cover

My husband and I were in the hot tub with the foam spa cover propped up against the wall...It suddenly fell hitting my husband on the head..hard enough to push him and me under the water.. A couple of days later the left side of his face suddenly went DEAD..no feeling no movement...(freaked him out...he thought he had a stroke!)..he went to the doctor immediately..and the doctor diagnosed him with Bells Palsy ..which can be caused by stress and or trauma..we feel the heavy foam hot tub cover hitting him on the head was the cause.. He has since fully recovered!

We love our SpaCap! The only problem we have is the occasional neighborhood cat that thinks it is it's own personal hot water bottle! Have you made any improvements since we bought ours?

We were just out in the tub and talking about the SpaCap. We did not remember how long we've had it. It is still working excellent. Everyone that sees it is amazed at how it works. I don't know of any way to determine the energy usage for sure but know it is low, and that's great considering the really cold weather we get here in the winter ie -10-20 degrees. It is wonderful not to have to worry about the cover getting heavy with moisture penetration like the old foam one. It is easy for me to take off and put back on by myself each usage. I do some minor adjustment of the air pressure with the changes of outside temperature and clean it once in a while inside and out, but other than that its maintenance free. It is getting a little wear spot on one corner and will need to be replaced one of these days. I'll definitely be getting another Spa cap.
D. C. WA

I bought my SpaCap about six months ago, and I love it. I have had my hot tub for almost 15 years and this is completely superior to any of the covers I have tried. Easy, looks great, stays on, better insulation - all that you promised is true.
Teri M

I thought it was great. Much better than old style covers that absorb moisture. Had two of those. Unfortunately I no longer own the home or spa. I am building new in St. George Utah, and may want one there,. Do you have any outlets there or in Las Vegas?

It has been great. We have had the SpaCap for almost 10 years. We purchased it after our hard cover cap that came with our spa became waterlogged and my wife could not remove it without help. She can easily remove (fold back) the SpaCap. Also, our dog, a lab, loves to stand on top of the SpaCap and bark at stray cats. The SpaCap has been very durable.

We were just talking about our spacap cover. The old spa is going to be retired and a new one will be taking its place. I have enjoyed the trouble free use of your product and will miss it when we install our new spa. I plan to replace the spa cover with your spacap.
J.K. Spokane, WA

This thing friggin' rules - you can quote me on your marketing stuff. Wow, was this thing worth the wait! In these cold winters in Buffalo, I use my hot tub almost everyday... for the past 4 years my cover has been so water logged that I could only use 1/2 the tub and just flooding it in 1/2 was such a pain... I didn't want my kids to use it because I was afraid they would get caught under it... That meant my wife wouldn't go in either... I didn't want to buy another foam cover, they just don't last and was sick of shelling out the $ ... we get a lot of rain/snow and the foam just wasn't cutting it... Sooo... for 4 years I struggled with that damn cover (I need an army to help me move it) and only used 1/2 the tub... If I struggled enough I could get to the one jet that moves up and down. I have a pretty tough schedule being a full-time musician so the hot tub therapy big time...For 4 years I really didn't have anyone over to use the hot tub because I was afraid they'd hurt themselves helping me lift it off... and only using half of it was weak, plus the damn thing friggin reeked! I'm so glad I took a chance on you guys, I was nervous and skeptical... but this thing delivers in every way...it was so light I almost threw it too fast, took me about 5 seconds to lift it back over by myself and secure it in place... I didn't hurt my myself or smell that awful cover... What a feeling it was yesterday to actually use the whole tub and have my family in as well!!! I know this is over the top, but I am just so happy. Thanks so much!!!!

I just wanted to write to let you know how amazed I am with my SpaCap. First of all I was very challenged with covering my spa since my gazebo top and spa fit very tightly with very little side space. We are talking two to three inches tops. I needed something lightweight and maneuverable, and one person operated. Add to this it needed to keep my spa well insulted since I live in PA and it gets fairly cold. I will say I was very skeptical with the insulating properties of the SpaCap, but after a few nights well below freezing (15-17 degrees at night and low 30's in daytime) I have heard my spa running less and have not lost an ounce of water to evaporation and I keep it at 102.
I am thoroughly impressed and couldn't be happier with my choice of the SpaCap for my spa. In my opinion everyone should be using these on their spas.
Seth E PA

The Incredible Man Eating Hot Tub. How dangerous is an overweight foam Spa Cover? In late March, I I was checking the chemicals in my spa. Rather than removing the entire cover, I was bent over and supporting the heavy cover with my left arm while I attempted to fill a sampling bottle with water from the spa to check the pH, Bromine content, and total alkalinity. As I leaned over further, the weight of the water logged spa cover dislocated my left shoulder and allowed the cover to hit me on the back knocking me into the spa. I was now face down in the spa with my legs pinned to spa by the spa cover. My shoulder was dislocated and unlike Mel Gibson's character in Lethal Weapon, I was in agony because of a dislocated shoulder. I tried to move but I was unable to move the weight of the waterlogged cover. I swallowed water and tried to rise up but could barely get my head out of the water. With a last breath, I screamed for help. Luckily I left the door from the house to the deck open. My daughter and her boy friend heard the scream and looked out to see my legs sticking out of the spa cover. My daughter and her boy friend were able to lift the cover off of my legs. My daughter's boy friend jumped into the tub and pulled me up from the water. They took me to the emergency room where they put my shoulder back in the socket and treated me for shock. A friend of mine who has given birth to two daughters has a shoulder that is dislocated periodically. This lady friend describes the pain of dislocating a shoulder as more intense than childbirth. I just know the pain is excruciating. I have owned a hot tub for 12 years and have replaced 3 conventional foam core covers. While the life on the foam covers have gone from 2 to 4 years, regardless of manufactures claims, all the covers become waterlogged. I now have a Spa Cap that insulates with air. While I do not know what the life of the SpaCap will be, I am certain that the SpaCap will not help the hot tub try to kill me as the other foam cover did.
James R

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