Spa Covers For Spas With Speakers

We have a Jacuzzi model K100000,Pinnacle on which two opposite corners have speakers in them  and have a height of 11" that tapers down to the 7" height of the rest of the spa. Can we get one of your spa covers to fit our spa?

Our spa has speakers on two opposite corners that make the acrylic 11 inches high. Will your spa covers fit?

Two of our spas corners have speakers making the acrylic height 8". The other two corners are 4.5". Can we use one of your spa covers?

We have a 2004 Dynasty Poseidon with top side stereo speakers on on side and weren't sure how to measure for one of your spa covers.

I have speakers on all four corners of my spa.  The four corners need to be higher. I am looking for a cover that will work and cover the speakers.

I was wondering if I can use one of your spa covers on my catalina spa.  I have a model with speakers on each corner.

These are among a few of our daily email questions.

If you have a spa with speakers and you are tired of rigid foam spa covers with cut outs or little flaps sewn in the corners, I have really good news for you. SpaCap Spa Covers are designed to go over the top of your spa. If your spa has speakers we will make your spa cover large enough to go over the speaker.

This is great in a couple different ways.

First, a cover that covers your whole spa speakers and all will do a much better job of keeping debris out of your spa.

Secondly, a spa cover that goes over the speakers does a much better job of keeping the heat in which will greatly help your spa water stay warm using less energy and saving you money.

When you order, just give us the height measurement from the bottom of the acrylic (Note: not the ground, but the bottom of the acrylic!) to the top of the speaker. Make a note in the extra info box (like “speakers”) and we will go over it when we call you to confirm your order.

All other measurements would be the same. Because we still want the outside edge of whatever sticks out furthest from side to side. Not, up one side, across and down the other.

The good news is, Yes, we build spa covers to go on spas that have speakers.

spa speaker height

Please follow this link to the Installing Your Spa Cover