I Have A Spa Cover Lifter

I have a traditional cover that folds in half and then lifts off the hot tub with a "butler".  The "butler" keeps the cover up off the ground and out of the way.  Will your cover work with a "butler" or do you just take off the cover and toss it to the ground?

We actually get this question a lot.

If you have a cover lifter, and it is the type that puts a bar over the center of your spa cover so that you can fold the cover in half over the bar and “lift” it off your spa, yes, you can use it with our Spa Covers.

I usually recommend that you visit your local hardware store and get some of that “snap on” pipe insulation. It is basically a tube of foam with a slit in it so you can slip it over your pipes to keep them from freezing. In this case you want to slip it over the bar of your existing cover lifter to keep the bar from turning the spa cover black. Duct tape the foam in place.

You may also need to adjust where the bar lifter pivots from to allow for the extra bulk of the air filled SpaCap.

This being done you can now use the bar lifter with your new air filled cover. It will keep the cover from laying on the ground and may make it easier to pull back on to the spa.

No, you don’t need to run out and buy a cover lifter if you don’t have one.

Good news. The SpaCap won’t get so heavy that it rips the sides off your spa like a saturated foam spa cover can. ;)