Spa Covers and Snow

We live in Northern Michigan and use our tub outdoors. Will it be possible to remove the snow from the spa cap easily?

My spa is outside.  I live in Maine and deal with freezing rain and snow, often in combination.

I live in New England with a lot of snow and more ice than I like and wanted to know if the added interior protection is warranted---Like everyone else I want to keep the cost down.

Since this is Connecticut I assume that it does ok with snow?

How does the cover hold up in winter (snow on cover?)

Believe it or not the SpaCap has been sold all over the world for nearly thirty years. In all that time we have sold Thousands in places that regularly get considerable amounts of snow.

Places like Alaska, The Colorado Rockies, the ski country in the Alps of France.

In our own state of Washington we get our share of snow. Last I checked our local Mountain still has the record for the most snow fall in a single season and yes we have spa covers in use on the mountain.

I totally understand the concern since there is no rigid foam spa cover that can hold up to snow. Even a new foam spa cover will always be crushed by snow if you get enough.

But not a SpaCap Spa Cover. Because the SpaCap rests on the water surface, it isn’t trying to make a bridge over the spa. Which is the same reason foam spa covers end up broken if someone steps on them. It doesn’t matter if our Spa Covers get ten feet of snow on them it won’t hurt them at all. They just transfer the weight of the snow on to the water and spa.

The last time I was doing home shows in Colorado I had a week in between the show in Colorado Springs and the show in Denver. I decided to fly back home. I was on the last plane they let out of Denver before snow closed the airport. It stayed closed for days and it just worked out that I was on the first plane they allowed back into Denver when it was reopened.

The storm that hit as I was leaving dumped so much snow that roofs were collapsing. Depending on where you were it was six to ten feet of wet snow. We did a brisk business replacing crushed foam spa covers once insurance agents saw that not one SpaCap was damaged and every foam cover in the area was crushed. So if you live in an area that gets snow, you need a SpaCap.

Spa Cover in Snow

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