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Time To Replace Your Hot Tub Cover

If your Hot Tub Cover looks like this, maybe It's time to consider something different.

Common Questions about SpaCap Hot Tub Covers

What are these Spa Covers made out of?

SpaCap Hot Tub Covers are made from top quality marine materials. Our Deluxe SpaCap in Sunbrella fabric is the same material used on the most expensive yachts in the world. Sunbrella is quite literally the world standard in outdoor fabric. All vinyl including the best quality Marine grade is rated by HOURS outdoors and Sunbrella is rated by years. The air chambers and underside of the SpaCap Hot Tub Cover is a vinyl-coated fabric similar to that used for Achilles and Zodiac inflatable boats. It has a base polyester fabric that is then coated with vinyl on both sides. It is the same fabric used in commercial fertilizer bin tarps and commercial truck tarps. That means the material can handle some of the harshest chemical environments. The stitching is the same weight thread used to make truck tarps. In twenty years, we have yet to see a SpaCap Spa Cover come apart at the stitching. All in all, we build every SpaCap Cover as if it were going on our own hot tub. They are truly built to last and to look good for years to come!

Spa Cover held down with bags of rocks

Is This Your Idea Of a "Wind Proof" Hot Tub Cover?

Can these Spa Covers handle a snow load?

SpaCap Hot Tub Covers handle snow better than any rigid foam filled spa cover. When covered in snow, the typical rigid foam Spa Cover acts like a frozen bridge. When the snow gets too heavy, the rigid foam will sag or break. The SpaCap rests right on the surface of the water, so no matter how much snow accumulates, the SpaCap cover transfers all the weight evenly to the water. We have been selling the SpaCap Spa Covers in snow country for years. These Hot Tub Covers have gone through world record snowfalls and to date with thousands sold around the world there has not been even one crushed by a snow load.

Checking the Spa Cover for the proper inflation

Checking the Spa Cover for the proper inflation

My last Spa Cover is "Gone With The Wind." Can SpaCap Hot Tub Covers handle the wind?

"Gone With the Wind" you say? SpaCap Hot Tub Covers do quite well at staying in the on the spa, basically because it makes a lousy wing. Also, because the SpaCap rests directly on the water's surface, there is no negative pressure, caused by airflow, to allow the Hot Tub Cover to lift off of the spa. Even a heavy foam hot tub cover can fly. As the wind moves over the flat foam spa cover it creates lift, once it does more air rushes into the space between the water surface and the bottom of the cover. This increases the lift and makes the spa cover fly. A customer in Kansas told us they saw a SpaCap on their local news. In a shot showing the devastation caused by a tornado the camera panned past a SpaCap Hot Tub Cover still sitting on top of its owners spa despite the fact that most of the neighborhood was destroyed.

The video below was shot driving down the freeway at seventy miles per hour. Please don't try this with a rigid Hot Tub Cover. If your spa cover can stay on your spa at 70mph it should stay on your spa in the back yard. We get a lot of people that ask if our Hot Tub Covers will stay on in the wind, so we put it to the test.

This a Spa Cover being wind tested
We would do the same with a traditional foam filled hot tub cover being tested however State Patrol frowns on debris flying off a moving vehicle.

Can I fold it in half like I did my old Spa Cover?

To expose only a portion of the hot tub we recommend that you only remove the SpaCap Spa Cover as much as you want. Leave the hot tub cover partially on the spa. You can fold it back, but it's different then the hard foam hot tub cover. That's why SpaCap Hot Tub Covers work.

Spa Cover as a Leaf Catcher

Sure you can fold your foam spa cover in half, but is that a good idea?

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