Save The Planet | Don't Use Foam Spa Covers

If you have owned your spa for a while. You may not use it as often as you did when you first got it. You may have already bought a few Replacement Spa Covers. Well it's bad enough to have to through good money after bad and I am sure you hate to buy something that is certainly going to end up just like the last one, too heavy to lift or broken.

The tragedy is that you're not alone. There are roughly 10,000,000 spa owners in the USA. If all of them are replacing their spa covers every couple years, our landfills are about to be overwhelmed.

The answer isn't turning off your spa. The answer is getting a better cover.

First lets look at why you need a cover on your spa.

    1. Keep the leaves and debris that blows around outside out of your spa water.
    2. Insulate the spa water. Keeping the spa water warm means your hot tub will be ready when you are.
    3. Keep the critters and children from getting in to the spa.
    4. All the above and it should be easy to remove when you want to use the spa.

When you first got your spa, I'm sure you never thought about the cover. Most people don't. Lets face it you're thinking about how great it's going to be slipping into your own personal Hot Tub after a day at work or just working in the yard. But you wouldn't stop using your car just because you have to buy a set of tires now and then. And using your spa does make you feel pretty great.

You need less sleep, the sleep you do get is more restful. Your body actually recovers more quickly from strain or injury if you spend some time every day getting a little water therapy.

So good news, there is a spa cover that doesn't use foam so it won't get heavy or break. It actually insulates your spa water better than a foam cover. If you maintain your water chemicals and ph levels our cover will last years longer too.

Quit wasting your money buying the same old obsolete rigid foam spa cover and get a spa cover that makes sense.

The SpaCap uses air to insulate like layers of clothes insulate your body from the weather. With no foam, there is nothing to get saturated or broken. You won't have to strain your back every time you need a little therapy. You won't have to worry about it flying away in the wind either. For more information on the Next Generation of Spa Covers, check out more of our website.

green Spa Cover

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