Hot Tub Cover Installation

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Spa Cover Installation

(Installation video at bottom of this page)

1. Make sure hot tub/spa is filled to proper amount. The Proper amount is whatever the spa manufacturer suggests the spa water to be for proper operation of the spa. SpaCap Swim Spa Covers/ Hot Tub Covers rest right on the water surface so make sure your spa has water in it.

2. Distinguish the top from the bottom and observe the location of the valves. The top is the side of the Spacap with the Sunbrella fabric on it that shows when it is on the spa. The bottom is the side with the valves on it. When the SpaCap is on the spa, the bottom will rest on the water.

3. Place the SpaCap cover on spa, laying it on water surface. Top, Sunbrella side up. You are meant to fold the cover back to expose the valves to fill your SpaCap.
Note: Valves are meant to be on underside when your cover is on hot tub.

4. Inflation. Open the flap of the valve you intend to put air in. Prop open the inner check valve with a plastic funnel. The funnel will also divert the air into the cover. In order to put air into the SpaCap you need something that moves a volume of air. For example a shop vac that has an exhaust port you can hook the hose into or a leaf blower. An air compressor would work but it will take longer since it is designed to move air under pressure. The SpaCap is not designed to be under pressure.

Inflate the "Top" valve first until there is about eight inches of air. Inflate the bottom unmarked chamber to desired level. We recommend using a shop vac to inflate your SpaCap Swim Spa Cover/ Hot Tub Cover.

5. Close valves and center the cover on the spa so that it evenly covers the entire hot tub.

6. Place fasteners as needed. You may choose not to install the fasteners, but they do help the Spa Cap keep its shape, insulate better and keep the moisture running off. The fasteners should be equally spaced and should go below the acrylic of the spa. If your spa has a wood lip that protrudes further then the acrylic the fasteners should go about three inches below the wood lip. If as you are installing the fasteners the cover becomes difficult to fasten on the last side, you have too much air in the cover. There should still be a little give in the cover when fastened and the corners should not be lifting.

7. Congratulations on the purchase of your new SpaCap cover! Yes, it is different, but it works better than any other cover on the market.

If your water is not heated when you first fit the cover, do not inflate the cover all the way. When the water starts to heat up, the air in the cover will, too, possibly causing the cover to be over inflated.

Care and Cleaning
Our goal is to build you a cover that will last you as long as you own your spa. Like your car, a lot depends on how you take care of it. Using a bubble floater or layer of plastic on the water surface under the SpaCap is not necessary but it may protect the SpaCap if your chemicals or ph get too far out of balance

Over inflation can damage the cover too so please leave some slack in the SpaCap for expansion and contraction which is normal with temperature changes. Using the bungee's on two sides can help eliminate this if they can be used on your particular spa.

Every now and then, clean the cover off with a mild soap. Do not use a vinyl treatment. Using a vinyl treatment causes the cover to dry out faster.

If you have a Deluxe SpaCap you can spray a fabric sealer on the Sunbrella fabric if you wish to keep the water beading up like new.

Be sure to keep your spa water chemically balanced. Too high of chlorine levels can cause damage to the vinyl.

Remember to follow the instructions carefully. If something does not make sense please call us so we can try to explain it better. Plus, you may not be the only one who doesn't understand and together we may be able to make the installation instructions for our Spa Covers more complete.

View the SpaCap Installation Video:


Limited Warranty for the Spa Cap Cover

This warranty is valid only to the original owner/purchaser.

What is covered?
This warranty covers the Spa Cap becoming unserviceable because of workmanship during construction, or material loss of strength from normal use and exposure condtions, including sunlight, mildew and rot. It Does Not include installation or damage caused by chemicals, ph imbalance, over inflation, or misuse of the product. Every Spa Cap is Custom Made. There is no Satisfaction Warranty. There is no Money Back Warranty for a Custom Made Cover. Do Not Order a Spa Cap to "give it a try." The Spa Cap is designed and Custom Made for individual customers that understand rigid foam filled spa covers are a waste of money and are ready for something totally different.

How Long is the Coverage Period?
The warranty runs for 3 years from the original order date.

What Will Do? will repair or replace the Spa Cap Cover which becomes unservicable due to materials or workmanship. Again this does not cover damage due to abuse.

How Can You Get Service?
Return the Spa Cap to the address at the bottom of this page. Include a letter stating the problem involved, including customer name, address, and a contact phone number. The Spa Cap will be inspected and repaired or replaced at the option of If the inspection reveals damage to the Spa Cap Cover which is not covered by the warranty, the customer will be contacted before any action is taken.

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