Are Tapered Spa Covers Better?

The Truth Behind Tapered Spa Covers

If a hot tub cover with a taper would keep the cover from getting heavy, why would any foam filled spa cover ever get heavy?

We've all seen them. Hot Tub Covers that are about a foot tall in the center and then taper down to nearly nothing on the outside edges. But does it really matter or is it just another scam?

The idea seems simple enough. If rain and moisture runs off the hot tub cover it should keep it from saturating. The problem is the misconception that rigid foam spa covers get heavy from the rain that falls on them. Sadly, that is never what makes the cover saturate.. Any person that has a spa indoors can tell you, their hot tub cover got heavy and it never had rain on it.

Foam spa covers get heavy because they are in use over warm water. That warm water is putting off steam. Steam is an molecule smaller than water. It can infiltrate a smaller space, like say the little crevices in the rigid foam. Once inside the foam, the steam turns back into water. That water adds weight to the foam eventually makes every foam filled spa cover too heavy to lift.

So would a taper on the foam spa cover make any difference in this scenario?

You could try an experiment if you don't believe me. Get a new foam filled spa cover with as big a taper as you can find. Put it on your spa. But to be sure that no water is going to get in from the outside, put a layer of heavy plastic over the cover. Make sure the plastic goes down far enough on the side of the spa to insure the could be no way for rain to get to it.

Before long that cover will begin to get heavy. Eventually it too will need to be replaced just like the one you couldn't lift before.

Isn't it time to stop wasting your hard earned money buying something you know is going to end up the same.

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