Spa Covers And Wind

Ever had a spa cover take off in the wind?

If your cover has ever been gone with the wind, I understand your concern. In many cases a spa cover has flown away even though it was too heavy for one person to lift. So it may seem impossible that a spa cover that weighs about as much as a fluffy comforter would be able to stay put.

I know you are thinking, "You don't know how hard the wind blows here!" The fact is that in nearly thirty years of building the SpaCap Spa Covers and selling them in places all over the globe, there have been hundreds of our spa covers in use during every major storm, that has hit the planet over that time.

That means for the last twenty plus years, during every twister to hit Kansas, and every Hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast, there have been Spa Cap Spa Covers in use on spas in those areas. While other rigid foam spa covers were absent without leave, the SpaCap has weathered Every storm. One day after talking with one of our customers, as he was hanging up he mentioned that he had seen us in the news. We always try to find out where people heard about us to be sure our advertising dollars are being effective, but this was not something we hear regularly.

We contacted the local news for his area and found that they had been covering an unusually devastating group of storms that had hit their area. Several tornados had hit in the same area over a matter of hours. Each storm cutting a swath of destruction through numerous communities. As the news camera had panned over the neighborhood, there in the midst of the chaos was a hot tub with a SpaCap spa cover, looking as if it was on a showroom floor. Trucks were in trees, mobile homes appeared to have been dynamited, families had lost everything but the spa cover still looked great.

I have told people all along that if their SpaCap blows off they have a lot bigger problems than a missing spa cover. If you follow the link below I try to explain the how and why.

Please follow this link to the Wind Proof Spa Covers