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Spa Cover ASTM Testing Results

Spa Cover ASTM Testing Results

R-value of a Three Bladder SpaCap System

Measurement Method

ASTM C-518 (the Heat Meter Method)

R-Value = 25.8 hr ft 2ºF/Btu

How does that compare to a rigid foam cover?

R-Value 2.68 Btu/hr ft2 of rigid foam cover that allows evaporative cooling between the water surface and the bottom of the foam. No rigid foam cover ever made, no matter what foam cover dealers claim, ever insulates from the water surface. That means that no matter how thick the foam every foam cover allows evaporation and condensation to go on under it which actually causes the water to cool down like a radiator.

Who says so?

H.F.Poppendiek of Geoscience LTD

a research and development organization.


H.F.Poppendiek's specialties are heat transfer, fluid mechanics, eletromagnetics, nuclear reactor physics and engineering, micrometeorology, and biophysics.


BS Mechanical Egineering, University of California

MS Mechanical Egineering, University of California

PhD Engineering, University of California


US Navy, Micrometeorological Technician (1944-45)

University of California Berkeley, Research Engineer (1942-46) Aircraft heat transfer; smoke screen technology; proximity fuses.

University of California, Los Angeles, California, Assistant Professor (1946-49) Boiling heat transfer research and development; transfer of heat and momentum in the lower layers of the atmosphere; taught courses in fliud mechanics and advanced heat transfer.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Union Carbide, Section Chief (1950-56) High Specific power nuclear reactor systems; lecturer at Oak Ridge Reactor School; Aircraft nuclear propulsion and homogeneous reactor projects.

General Atomic, San Diego, CA Staff Scientist (1956-58) Power reactor research and evaluations; linear accelerator projects; reactor heat transfer.

Convair, San Diego, CA Staff Scientist (1958-60) Heat and momentum transfer for reentry vehicles; nuclear energy studies; blast wave research; salt water conversion research; anti-submarine warfare.

Geophysics Corporation of America, San Diego, CA Director of Research (1960-61) Heat and momentum transfer; nuclear reactor physics; nuclear propulsion; seawater conversion; marine physics; lecturer at University of California.

Geoscience Ltd, San Diego, CA President (1961-present) Geothermal science and technology; ocean thermal energy heat transfer; solar energy heat transfer; energy conservation and storage; intelligence analysis; LMFBR boiler analyses; liquid metal boiling and condensing; radiation weaponry; nuclear reactor core design and safeguard analyses; atmospheric diffusion studies; University of California staff member.


Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering (Certificate No. M 2106)

American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM)

American Nuclear Society

Tau Beta Pi (engineering honor society)

Sigma Xi (research honor society)

World Who's Who in Science


Tau Beta Pi Writing Award

Illuminating Engineering Society Award, University of California

American Geophysical Union Award for Hydrology

University of Michigan Honorarium for the Heat Transfer Symposium

Bank of America 1998 Enterprise Award (for most innovative product/service)

Institute for Defense Analyses consultant on nuclear propulsion and heat and momentum transfer.

Industrial consultant on reactor heat and momentum transfer.

NASA consultant on nuclear and chemical power systems

Science Advisor to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Member of Special SBA Task Force on Innovation, Research and Technology.
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