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Hot Tub Covers In Action

When was the last time you could open your hot tub cover with one arm? This video shows the spa cover being removed. It helps you get a feel for how flexible it is. There is also a picture of the hot tub cover being removed by a guy with one arm in a cast. Try doing that with a traditional foam filled spa cover.
Here we put one of our Custom made hot tub covers to the test against golf ball impacts. The reason for the demonstration is because we get asked about how durable the SpaCap is. Some of our customers actually live in areas where golf ball sized hail and falling debris is an issue. Then, just to be fair we do the same to a foam filled Hot Tub cover.
In this video we subject one of our custom made SpaCap Hot Tub Covers to "Bowling Ball sized hail. Then Both the traditional Foam hot tub cover & a SpaCap Hot Tub Cover are tested by a human fall. You be the judge. Obviously an impact of this nature is not covered by warranty. We don't want anyone to drop their humans on any hot tub cover. However, if you find yourself falling from a great height and have a choice, aim for the spa with the SpaCap on it.
SpaCap Road Test. About once a week we get a question about how the SpaCap handles wind. Since the SpaCap is light weight and built to stay that way, it seems logical that it might just fly away in the wind. What is not logical is that a saturated rigid foam filled hot tub cover that takes four men to lift, will fly off your spa if you get a strong enough wind. However, SpaCap custom hot tub covers will not fly off even in hurricane force winds. In this video we take a SpaCap for a 70mph ride. If the SpaCap can stay on a spa going 70 miles per hour, it will stay on your spa too.
This video shows a saturated hot tub cover falling on someone's head. It looks funny here but when we show this video at home shows, we invariably have people say, "Hey, that happened to me!" Every year, spa owners are injured by heavy hot tub covers falling on them. We have building the SpaCap for more than 30 years and no one has ever been injured by one, EVER.
The Spa Cover Installation Video. For those that lost their instructions or would rather watch someone demonstrate how to install one of our custom hot tub covers, this video is for you.
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